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7/21/15 8:57 P

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Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm doing a Sprint in September and I'm taking beginner swim lessons right now. I'm going to focus primarily on swimming and do a couple of bike rides a week and jog a couple of times a week.
Tonight i did some swimming but felt exhausted and sore from jogging last night. I may cut back on jogging because I see no shame in walking! And I think at this time I should spend more time on swimming.

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6/20/15 11:34 A

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Wow, Carolyn! I'm awed by your goal. I had (hopefully past tense) issues with my hip this spring and had to scrap a bunch of 5 and 10 K's and mini triathlons. I have already paid for IronGirl Syracuse and intend to take part even if I Walk it. The event is August 2nd. I actually found a 4 week sprint plan! I didn't know anyone had one so compact, and have read several others and some books and am geared it to give it a go when we return home from Lake Tahoe. I am going to look into Fink's books now ( maybe something to read on the plane ride back home?). Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa.

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Joy from VT!
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5/16/15 8:15 A

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Thanks again, everyone, for your suggestions. I found a Matt Fitzgerald 16 week plan, and I also signed up on TriPeaks. Although I am about 24 weeks out from the race, I am starting pre-training. I have lost a lot of upper body strength, so I am starting back to the gym this week for strength training. Over the next 4-6 weeks while I build up strength, I will compare various plans to compare approaches and then create a hybrid based on my abilities and goals.

While I have done a couple of rides on the road on my mountain bike in past couple of weeks, I am putting that one away and getting on the road bike this morning. Tomorrow is a run with maybe an ocean swim, depending on conditions. There has been a wind out of the east for the past few days, so it's been rough and murky - perfect conditions for a shark to mistake my leg for breakfast, so maybe the pool is a better idea. Plus if I can't see the bottom and I'm going up and down in the waves, I get queasy.

I was initially a bit nervous about doing a HIM, but now that I'm getting a plan together, I'm getting excited.


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
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5/5/15 3:49 P

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I used Be Iron Fit by Don Fink for IM last year and I'm using his Iron Fit Secrets for Half Iron next week. He has a new book for women. I don't know what it offers that is different, but another woman I spoke with recently said it was good. The books give an excellent overview of everything you need to know including race nutrition and 3 different plans to follow based on your finish goal.

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4/9/15 10:37 P

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Thank you both for your input. Every bit helps. I looked at the Training Peaks website and I am going to peruse it a bit this weekend. I am trying to decide if I want a 16, 18 or 20 week plan. When I did a 20 week training plan for a marathon, I was so ready to be done at 16-18 weeks, so maybe I won't go that long.

Helen - it was great hearing from you, and to get a more *ahem* mature perspective on distance tris. As with my other training, I always listen to my body and will back off if I think I'm flirting with an injury. I fell and broke my ankle last summer, and I sure as heck don't want to be off my feet for that length of time - ever! I am doing Miami Man. It's in and around the Miami Zoo. It's a lake swim, a ride through a flat, rural area, and the run is through the zoo. Your 140.3 sounded very challenging!


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
4/9/15 8:48 P

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I think you are on the right path. I did my 1st and only half at the age of 54. I've never run a marathon,only halves. I'm not an amazing biker, but I put a lot of miles on my bike to train for the race. I didn't have a coach, but just trained logically, just like you have done for all your other races.
For me, my goal for my 1st half IM was to finish. And to make things harder, I did the race in Boulder, CO, at 5500 ft. elevation...and it was 90 degrees the day of the race!
Be logical in your training. I overtrained the bike distance, and made sure i got a few 60-65 mile bike rides in. I didn't go for speed, I just wanted to know I could do the distance. I did 1-2 other bike rides during the week. On one, you might try to do hills one week. Another week, you might try to do some intervals, just like you do for marathon training.
I swam 2-3 times a week. Once a week was usually an open water swim where I made sure i could do the 1.2 mile distance.
As for the running, cut back from your marathon training, and just make sure you get a long run in every week.
I'm sure there are some training plans you can find online, but make sure you find one that works for you. And don't over-train, or you will risk injury. Build a good base, and add a little speed work in once you've got your base.
The other thing that's really important for that distance is figuring out your nutrition. It's different for everyone, so figure out what works for you. Experiment around with salt pills, different energy drinks, and any solid food you can handle. Like I said, it's different for everyone, but it's the 4th discipline of triathlons.
Best of luck in your training. Which 70.3 are you doing?

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4/8/15 1:45 P

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Ironfit triathlon training for women - has a good plan
Also look into Training peaks - they will have a specific plan for your race.
i bought a plan for $99 for my 140.6 race. It is a better fit for me then a book. It is all online, daily emails and very specific workouts.

Good luck and have fun and never doubt you can't do it because of age. My workout partner is 70 and going to Florida for half tomorrow, second this year.

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4/7/15 12:53 P

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I have registered for my first HIM which is scheduled for November. Although I am 55 I know I can do this distance. I have run a couple of marathons, a bunch of half marathons, and a number of sprint tris. I spend a decent amount of time in the water, and am currently training for a distance race (18 miles). My weakest event will be the cycling but I have worked with a coach in the past and was taught some decent cycling habits.

I really can't afford a coach right now so I am looking for some good training plans or books. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Part of my plan is to spend a couple of months building strength in the gym with weights and a cycling base, and then start training in July, about 16-18 weeks before the race.

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"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
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