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3/16/13 9:48 P

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Great addition OK2TRY!

Here's a funny addition:

3.5. Call for a ride because you're out of stuff to fix a flat, and you STILL have a flat tire.

BTW, you don't have to be new to do some of these. I'd biked a couple of thousand miles on the same bike. Standing in my neighbor's driveway talking to him almost home from a ride. Talked for a bit too long. Forgot my one foot was still clipped in. Shifted weight to make my legs feel better. Yep went to the ground right in front of him. One of my prouder moments.

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3/7/13 6:37 P
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The author omitted the most important: get a helmet and wear it. Every.Single. Time. It must fit and it should be new. (If it's been in a crash, it may be compromised.)
And number 2 for safety should be common sense: never ever ride with earbuds. You need to hear those cars approaching.

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2/16/13 11:54 A

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I bought a used bike on Ebay and saved more than $1000 on a bike with very few miles on it. Took it to a local bike shop for tune up and the guy looked at it and told me it was ready to go as is.

I went to several stores, educated myself by talking to the experts and getting several opinions. Then I talked to several people who I saw biking and asked them what they liked and disliked about their bikes and what they would do differently looking back on their purchase. Every one of them said the same thing, they would by used to get more bang for their buck.

Check stores for what full retail would be and see if the bikes ever go on sale and what those prices would be. I took off 50% from the sale price as a starting point when I looked for my bike and finally settled on 40% off when I bought my bike.

It took a little more time, but I am very happy with my purchase.

Good luck with your purchase.

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2/11/13 12:17 A

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i am in the market for a new bike.. making my way around to all the bike shops is a HUGE task.. but i saved a long time.. not a decision to be made lightly.. emoticon

Jen from NY

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1/16/13 11:42 A

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Love #10 -- last time it happened I was rolling into the driveway, mind elsewhere. I tried to unclip my "regular" foot but because of an ankle injury I couldn't twist the foot. I was already leaning to that side and couldn't recover. I was nearly stopped and just toppled over. It was funny!

One thing I would add to the list is to assume cars will NOT see you - wear bright clothing and use blinking lights, even during the daylight. Watch all intersections carefully, even if you have the right away. Ride safe.

Life is good!

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1/15/13 8:35 P

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I love it!!

I JUST bought a new (to me) bike this weekend :) It is a bit rusty, and a bit loved, but they guy who sold it says to let him know if it needs repairs, and he'll do them just for cost of parts. But, other than a battery for the timer/distance tracker, it seems good and solid!

I don't know when the next Tri is in my area, but I hope to start training in a few months! (I have a p90x series to get through first.... haha!)

Are you Living or just Existing? LIVE your journey! :)

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1/15/13 3:23 P

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#10 has been accomplished. Thanks LILPAT for posting - great list of things to do.

~ Sheri ~

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Give up
Give in
Give it your all...

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1/15/13 12:19 P

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This article brought back fond memories for me that I thought a new cyclist might want to experience. Most of us have "been" there but the article has some great info and reminders for all levels of cyclists. Doug Robertson wrote this article for Active.

1. Get Lost
Ride somewhere you have never been. Explore and rediscover like you did as a child.

2. Fix a Flat
Be sure you are on the side of a road with multiple cars zipping by. You might ride most of the day and never see a vehicle but as soon as you have a flat.....traffic central!

3. Fix the Flat Again
Fixing a flat is never completely easy and can be brutal. Miss a sliver of glass or have a smidgen of tube sticking just out of the rim waiting to be pinched. To learn is to have failed!

4. Visit Every Local Bike Shop
Make a list of what you like and don't. You are going to be around these people and you might as well find your best niche. Treat these people with respect because they will do you a big favor sometime.

5. Make Friends
Talk about riding, find forums, make cycling friends, join a team. You learn more and cycling in a group is safer.

6. Little Hills/Big Hills
Ride hills! Suffer and learn and attack them. Start small and keep going until you are zipping up mountains. Give yourself time and it does get easier.

7. Don't Apologize for Being New
Everyone has to start somewhere. Don't complain and keep trying. You are going to get dropped by other riders. Hang in there and keep trying. Most groups will wait for you, or your buddy will at the top of a big climb.

8. Adjust Your Own Bike
Buy, read go with your instincts. It is your bike and you are the one riding it, so how does it feel? Book says raise the seat, try it.

9. Take Your Bike to the Shop
You have made adjustments and you feel weird and you just know that something horrible is going to occur. I bike shop will make slight adjustments, offer advice and make you feel better about your instincts.

10. Fall over Unclipping
We all have done it and a newbie will too. Get up, dust yourself off and ride again!

11. Find Chain Grease Somewhere
Elbow, calf...wait a minute, my chain isn't even on that side of my bike!

12. Conquer a Small Mechanical Problem Using Only a Multi-tool
Tighten your seat or aero bar....keep your helmet on and make the adjustment. Jump on and keep riding.

13. Keep a Small Version of Your Stuff With You
Money, ID or Road ID, cell phone, extra tube. You need to be prepared and someone needs to be able to find out who you are.

14. Ride Somewhere Pretty
Find an awesome place, take pictures and let your friends know about all the amazing things you and your bike are experiencing.

15. Have Fun
You have the grown-up version of a child's toy. Be a kid again, within reason and enjoy. This should be fun!

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