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7/10/11 7:40 P

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I read an article once about post-marathon depression and it made sense that it could apply to triathlons as well. I avoid it by scheduling my next race before I finish one, so that way I always have another race to look forward to. It also helps keep my motivated to train. I mix up my races though so I feel like there is always a new challenge. First it was 5ks, then it was 10 Ks, then it was sprint triathlons, then it was a half marathon, then an XTERRA tri...
I am starting to consider an olympic distance tri now.

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7/5/11 6:52 P

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Oh the emotional crash after an event (or even a long workout) you've been training for is very common and very real. Some of it comes from the endorphine ride high for months while training or even hours after a hard or long workout....then crash hard. Some of it comes from building your life and schedule around an event and then when it's over...once the goal is attained, there is a huge void where the goal used to be along with the lack of endorphine rush. Knowing it's normal is helpful. Staying active after an event or not letting too much time go by before another workout, even if it's not a long one will help a lot too. There are lots of articles about it on or such as this one that might help:

As for the weight gain...that is common too. Endurolytes pack sodium which you need for an endurance event or workout. But they allow you to retain water, which is great for a workout, not so great on the scale. Also if you are doing an event that requires a lot of muscle, like a long or hilly bike, you are creating a lot of lactic acid. They say you should not weigh yourself after lifting weights because your body is reacting to and recovering from the expansion you just required of your muscles. The same is true of an intense and or long bike or run.

Hope that helps.

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7/5/11 6:20 P

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is it common to have some sort of emotional crash after a hard workout or major fitness accomplishment? in my case, i pushed out 61 miles on the bike and felt like a champ, next day not so good and today, crash and burn... not sure what the deal is..

also, is it common to actually gain weight a day or so after a long run (15 miles or more) or a long cycle? My weight can swing pretty wild sometimes. im sure it is just water weight since no one can legit gain 9 lbs in a week if they have been doing things right. I have also used endurolytes pretty consistantly, adding 2 level servings to each bottle i carry - carry 4 8 oz flasks usually mixed in with some perpetuem. not quite sure what to make of it but it seems to happen fairly consistently when I really push out the mileage.

I am also going to post this on a few other teams to see what sort of answers I get to try to make some sense of it all... thanks :)


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