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7/10/11 7:34 P

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SYRAH37's post was really good. I did my first triathlon with just what I had, barely the basics (even had to rent the bike). I did it in a pair of under armor compression shorts that I had, and a dri-fit tank top over a dri-fit sports bra. Used goggles for the swim, had a helmet and the rented bike, and my running shoes and a hat for the run. The rules for that particular race didn't specfically prohobit ipods, so I was very happy to have mine. :-)

Since I got hooked by the triathlon bug, I have since invested in a good road bike, clipless pedals and bike shoes, and 2 tri-suits. I wasn't sure if I would prefer a singlet style tri-suit or a two piece which is why I got one of each. I personnally prefer the one piece, except for when it is my TOM, I prefer the two piece to enable a quick bathroom stop after the swim.

Best of luck to you and have fun!

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SYRAH37 thanks for the added details. I should have thought of that. Sorry for the lack of details.

There are several outlet stores online where you can get the tri outfits at a discount. i.e. you get at least 30% off

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7/4/11 8:16 P

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You can never use an ipod or earphones on a bike in any type of race. They may allow it on the run but you should check the event website to be sure. You will get a swim cap with your race packet probably but if not, you will need one for training that you can use on race day. You will swim, bike and run in the same clothes. I would recommend tri shorts and a zipper top (tri singlet) of some kind. Get used to doing all three events in that gear. Don't wear the tri shorts in a chlorinated pool of any kind prior as it will destroy the elastic/spandex. I don't ever do the event with a water bottle or bike gloves. The distance for sprint especially is short and you won't miss them but you may want them for training prior. They will have water stations on the run that you can utilize. I find carrying a water bottle, even for longer distances, awkward and distracting especially for as much water as you can really carry in the little belt bottles. Two water bottles on your bike, sports nutrition like Gu or Shot bloks and something with electrolytes in your water like Nuun or Gu Brew. Start experimenting with that now so you know what you like because you should try nothing new on race day. A bag under your seat to carry tools for changing a flat is essential. I also recommend buying a hand pump to your bike frame and learning how to use it before race day. A bento box for your bike is helpful but not necessary. It rests on your frame between your seat and handle bars and you can put nutrition, gum (I like that after getting out of a salty swim), handkerchief, chapstick...anything you might need on a long distance ride. You should have non-cotton socks that you can use for both bike and run. For the run you should have a white light weight running cap. It will keep you cooler and if there are ice stations you can put ice in your hat which is HEAVEN on a hot run (I've done two in Hawaii and ice in the hat is a saving grace. Your bike should be good for a sprint but if you decide to stick with it, you might want to buy an entry level road bike, even if it's from Craig's List. Your running shoes should be broken in a month before race day at least. After training for a few months, you will have most of what you need and discover what works best for you. Hope that helps.

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Here is what I think you HAVE to have. Swimsuit, goggles, helmet, cycling gloves, waterbottle for the bike, and some kind of hand held bottle for your run (could just be the water bottle). The iPod is a no no!!! using one MAY disqualify you!!! and moving the bike without a helmet WILL disqualify you.

The water temp in FL in Oct should be warm enough to swim without a wet suit.

Make sure you do some bricks - swim/bike - bike/run - swim run/combination so you know what your legs feel like ...

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I just started training for my first triathlon, it will be a Sprint (.50 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run). I am in ok shape and have 16 weeks to work on stamina and put it all together (I found 2 in my area for the end of Oct).

What kind of equipment to I HAVE to have? I have a beach cruiser bike (not the fastest I know) and no wet suite. I will be swimming in the gulf of Mexico in FL. I don't have much money to spend on things that will be "helpful", I just want to know what I really will need with this being such a short triathlon.

Also, what taring tips should I know? Can I run with my Ipod like a 5k? Should I just wor on doing it with out?

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