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3/3/11 9:56 A

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A lot of great tips there. For transitions, I cut mine by over 1/2 bewteen 2 seasons by ditching the socks, not grabbing a drink, and making sure everything was well laid out and I had a very focused, practiced and deliberate plan to execute.

Especially improtant was praticing getting into and out of my shoes on the bike with the shoes already clipped in. It takes a lot of practice, and depending on bike set-up and lot of balance and coordination to ride in a stright line with 1 hand while leaned forward strapping you shoes.

It also helps to be able to run fast on your toes while barefooted.

I went from having average transition times to being among one of the fastest. That's free time. Tiem spent moving 0mph, rather than at least rolling down the road getting your feet into your shoes and still catching your breath from a hard swim and run through transition.

One thing I recommend different than the article. For practicing gettingyour feet inot hte shoes. You should start out on a flat road as mentioned. But after you've mastered that, switch to practicing on a slight incline to force yourself to get faster and pedla better on top of the shoes. Many races have inclines comming out of transition. 1 race I go to, only offeres you about 300y to get into your shoes before a good solid 10% grade for almost a 1/4 mile followed by some fairly technical turns and downhills.

Like most things, it just takes practice.

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1/31/11 1:28 P

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these are pretty good and touch on the finer points of event prep and racing.

one pre-race thing that helps me is to have a bottle of water with me in the pre-swim start area.

at one race i started 45 minutes after close of transition and during the wait in the corral i got hot and felt dehydrated the rest of the race. emoticon

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1/31/11 12:50 P

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Just suggestions that you by no means have to "complicate" your race with. We each develop plans that work for us. Several of these "tricks" have allowed me to shave considerable time off my races, even allowing me to win several events. I guess the ladies in my AG wish I don't use them, but since I can't run, I will use the "tricks" to my advantage and keep beating people that can run. Yup, we all do what works for us personally!

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1/31/11 12:41 P

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If you are in my AG please feel free to use all those "tricks".

Me? I've already done #1 and aim to work on #2 nearer the time. The rest? They're just complicating things.

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1/31/11 12:28 P

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This article appeared in It was written by Paul

Coach Joe Friel: "Goals should be event outcomes, not a vague statement about your dreams of success. They should be well-defined by including one basic element: what you want to achieve in given races."

Consider listing your objectives into 2 categories:
1. Outcome-oriented goals
-focus on highly-measurable results...absolute
race times, place out of water, podium action
-somewhat beyond control..strong tide, heat
wave, competitors, all putting goals out of
reach quickly
2. Process-oriented goals
-focus on how you perform in given race
-independent of external factors, entirely with
in your control, best chance of "A" race
Try the following for success:
1. Draft entire swim leg:
*Hardest to accomplish?
*pick wrong feet to follow, long route to finish
*must learn to sight well and easily
*need stamina to drop one swimmer and get behind a faster one in middle of swim
PRACTICE: use 1 swim session each week for sighting for at least 5 lengths of pool. Include workout focusing on building speed at end of session..i.e. 600yd warm up, 5 X 200yd, 10 X 100yrds, 400yd cool down.

2.Cut transition time in half:
*be thoughtful and simplify
*No wasted motion, touch items only once and leave excess gear behind

PRACTICE: unzip wetsuit, take off cap and goggles, hold in hand. Pull sleeve over hand and leave cap and goggles in sleeve. Stomp off wetsuit standing and forget socks. T2, use speed laces. Rehearse in your mind.

3. Get in and out of shoes on bike.
*tri-specific shoes, and practice on flat route close to home. Go to for more info.

4.Stay aero everywhere except on hills and turns
*riding in drops versus on bars could cut 5 to 8 minutes off time on 40K course

PRACTICE: Build those core muscles with planks and ride for extended time in drops on trainer.

5. Pedal in circles for entire course.
*Use those cleats
PRACTICE: ride with both legs for 10 minute warm up. then ride for 2 minutes with 1 leg and then switch for the next 20 minutes. Push your heel down as though you are scrapping mud off your shoe and include an 8 minute warm down with both legs.

6. Get water at all aid stations without breaking stride.

PRACTICE: indoor bricks at gym during cold months: ride for 15 minutes increasing resistance every 5 minutes. At end, get quick drink and run on treadmill for 30 minutes. Every 10 minutes increase pace by at least 15 seconds per mile.

7. Hold a lean for the entire run.
*let gravity do some work
*Chi Running, POSE methos, Newton Shoes, Vibram Five Fingers all encourage runners to lean forward as they run, pick up rather than push off their feet.

PRACTICE: Immediately adds speed, however it also requires good core strength to maintain for 30 to 60 minutes so bust out those plank exercises and get with it!

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