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6/11/10 10:36 A

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I have a pair of Specialized tri bike shoes from about two/three years ago - can't find a tag anymore! - but they were silver/pink and I wear them for all my cycling now. Mainly because I bought different pedals to match the clips on the shoes. I bought them on sale for $80.

I love them for triathlons because they drain beautifully but I regret them when it's cold outside. A friend told me to use duct tape or packing tape to close off the vent holes - it works okay.

I am considering getting a pair of the Zoot speed shoes - but I like my shoes tight fitting and that's a concern with the stretchy shoes.

Here is a link to a photo of the bike shoes on Flickr:

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6/11/10 10:36 A

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Adrian - I do use speed laces (although didn't have them for the last tri), as well as tech socks.

The problem in T1 is spending the time drying my feet enough to not have wet socks. Water continues to run from my tri-specific clothing, so I have to dry off all of me. Even though I use a super-absorbant towel, it still takes time and I still had wet socks.

While my cycling shoes do have a mesh upper, it's not enough to help dry the socks. I'm thinking I might be better off sockless, at least for the sprint distances. I also need to learn how to get on and off the bike while keeping the shoes clipped in.

One or two minutes in transition kills my current very meager chances for a top group age group finish. When I say top age group, I have noticed there is a pack of women in the top 6-8 places in my age group who all finish less than a minute of each other. Then there's this big time gap and then me. I want to be a part of that top group. For me it's better to finish last in the top group than first in the bottom group.

I really wasn't prepared for my last tri, and honestly my heart and head weren't in 100% competitive mode. I felt like I was just out there for fun, and my finish time reflected that.

The bottom line is that I am looking for every way to cut time off of my race, and transitions are just a part of it. I know the biggest bang for my buck is to put miles in the saddle, and I have been doing that too.

Also, there was a 15 year old girl next to me doing her first triathlon and she didn't know how to set up her transition area. She had her stuff out in the aisleway and partially blocking my spot, and trying to reach over and work around her stuff wasted time, too. I'm glad she was there on a day when I wasn't out for blood, because then I would have broken the golden rule to not touch anyone's stuff.


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6/11/10 9:11 A

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Best bang for your buck in T1 would be to stick to your normal cycling shoes and get quicker at drying off and getting socks on. I find that cotton socks are the worst with wet feet, the synthetic socks are much better.

That said, remember I'm a duathlete so don't have the wet feet problem in T1.

In T2, I STRONGLY recommend speed laces or other elastic laces. I actually lace up my running shoes with speed laces for the first race of the season and then leave 'em on throughout the season. Really, really simple to use - rack bike, lid and shoes off, and just slide feet into running shoes and go. My T2 time is always under 1 minute.

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6/11/10 8:08 A

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I'm in Sidis, too. I have the T2, but I don't think it's the carbon version, as I paid about $150 for them. The carbon version is over $250. I'll give them a shot barefoot on my next ride so see how they feel.


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6/10/10 10:24 P

I wear Sidi cycling shoes. I tried on pairs at REI, and then the salesman found the same shoe in last year's model (at $150 off!) and had it shipped to me. I tried on every pair of shoes in the store, and those are the only ones that were comfortable. I HATED the Pearl Izumi shoes - there's a reason they are cheaper. It really just depends on what feels comfortable for you. I never thought I could wear mine without socks, but I raced a half ironman last weekend sockless. It just takes some getting used to. I would love to switch to tri shoes for the increased drainage, but I can't afford new shoes right now. Good luck!

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6/10/10 9:26 P

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I know I can shave some real time off of my transitions by going with more triathlon conducive shoes. My last tri I wasted about 5 or 6 minutes fooling around with shoes and socks.

What cycling shoe do you use for racing? I was thinking of changing to Pearl Izumi's TriFly
. The pair I have now would not be very comfortable barefoot, and in fact sometimes the strap digs into the top of my foot. If I got the Pearls and liked them, I would sell my other pair.

Also, has anyone used a Zoot shoe? I saw two that I like. One is the Ultra Speed which does not have laces - it's a pull on
. The other shoe is called the Ultra Kalani

I am a mild pronator and currently run in a neutral shoe (Mizuno Wave Rider).


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
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