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4/14/10 4:42 P

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I hate getting my Quintana Roo wetsuit on and off, but swimming in it is comfortable. I am 5'5" and 138 lbs and my QR suit is womans large. I have a small waist, thunder thighs, and large calves - I mean, my legs are really disproportionate to the rest of me. I don't know if there is a tri wetsuit that will actually fit my body, but I do lose a lot of time getting this suit off in transition. Body glide doesn't seem to help. Suit juice does if I use enough.


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4/14/10 9:25 A

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I have an Xterra long sleeve that I just started using. You do have to be careful putting it on not to dig your nails into the fabric, because I can see where that can tear it. I start off by pulling the legs up much higher than they should be and then grab handfuls of fabric to pull it up until comfortable and then adjust the legs back down.

I haven't used Body Glide, but will this weekend at the race. I think the suit is easy to get off, except for the legs. I know I am going to spend a few extra seconds messing with it so I don't step on the suit with it still on my legs - I can see myself falling over.

Since I live in Florida you'd think I would have gotten the sleeveless, but there are lots of jellyfish and Man O' War around during the time of year that I'd use a wet suit, so I opted for the extra protection of long sleeves.

Overall I like the suit, but I think for long swims the armpit area might get chafed. But then again, I haven't used Body Glide, so that would probably make a difference. The 50% off offer right now makes this suit a good bargain in my opinion.

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4/14/10 12:30 A

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I have NeoSport and XTERRA sleeveless.

The Neosport fits a little less snug, the legs come up a little higher, and its easy on and off.

The XTERRA fits more snug, the legs are closer to the ankle, and its not as easy on and off.

Quality is good for both but the XTERRA construction is more refined.

Performance is simliar but did have some back of the neck rub with the NeoSport.

Racing-wise they are similar until you have to get them off. NeoSport was off in a jiffy; XTERRA was OK but had to do the step on the suit and yank the leg out thing.

You have to get your chip strap under the suit leg so when you rip the suit off in T1 to dont accidentally tear a hole in the leg. The suit comes off the leg inside out and the rubber side can scrape on the chip - I did it (easy repair).

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4/13/10 8:22 P

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I have an Xterra and I love it. I have never had a ripping problem..As a matter of fact I bought a sleeveless ad sleeved suit....

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4/13/10 8:17 P

I know people who have used Xterra. They're probably the cheapest on the market, and they have a tendency to rip. If you're only going to use it a few times though, they are a perfectly good choice. It's best to find one that is a 5/3 wetsuit (5 mm thick in the torso and 3 in the limbs) so that it's easier to get on and off, but still with good buoyancy and insulation. I wear an Orca, and I love it. Blue Seventy is another very popular brand. I'm also 5'4" and not too slim, and I wear a women's medium. It's sometimes hard to determine the size from a chart, so trying it on is best. I've never used a sleeveless one, but I know people who strongly prefer one or the other. One key point - put Bodyglide everywhere there is bare skin (neck, arms, thighs, ankles) or else you will chafe, and you'll never get the wetsuit off!

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4/13/10 8:17 P

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I have a sleeveless Quintana Roo and a Long Sleeve QR, as well. I like them both...I probably prefer the long sleeve to the sleeveless. I have never used the Xterra, but i would think it would be good. Fit and comfort are the most important things...and then practice and get comfortable in it. I can't believe there's that big a difference between the brands.

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4/13/10 8:09 P

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Hello! I've been doing tris for about four years but have never used a wet suit in a race. I bought one a few years ago - a used sleeveless one - and used it to train but didn't like it much so I just swam without.

In August, however, I am doing the Point to LaPoint open water swim in Bayfield, Wis., Wet suits are required.

I am not very tall (5'4") and not very slim (yet!) - does anyone have a wet suit they would recommend? I am asking because I just got an sale flier for Xterra wetsuits - Vortex 3 Fullsuit - in my email and I was wondering if anyone used them?

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