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3/12/10 10:22 P

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Good luck on your tri and please post about your experience. You will do GREAT!!

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3/12/10 6:08 P

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If you have a pump at home you can fill the tires yourself. Bicycle pumps have gauges on them, and if you look closely at the bicycle tires you will see a Max PSI number. Usually for mountain bikes the pressure will be 60-80 psi; for road bikes it's more like 100-120 psi.

If you don't have a pump at home and don't plan to buy one, then get your tires filled the night before the race. Any sooner than that and your tires will lose air by race time.

Call me if you need to - rambling is okay.


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3/12/10 5:17 P

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Thanks everyone!!!

So much more to think about than a regular road race!!!

Carolyn I almost called you this morning on my way to my run but decided to run and then post something!!! If I would have called I would just been rambling!!!

I will get to the pool at least twice this week and keep my runs and cycles short!!!

I also need to take my bike to the shop to make sure my tires are properly filled!!!

Thanks again...I'm going to read the rules do make sure I don't do anything to get myself DQ'ed or penalized!!!

Jackie Chatman, MA, NC
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3/12/10 3:01 P

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My first and only tri was in Oct. I did get a tri tankini but because I didn't want chaffing from wearing just the bottoms down below I wore my dhs' jammer over my bottoms. I don't own comprssion shorts so that worked great for me. I worked out in what I was going to wear for a few weeks before the race. I realize you don't have that time but I would suggest you start wearing what you think you should wear so you will know how it will work for you.

Being that it is a reverse you could just wear your bike shorts over your swim suit and then strip them off just before jumping in the water.

I would also work on the swim. It is a short swim, mine was 800m, so I wouldn't worry about it too much but get in the water and see how fast you can do it. You don't want it to be a total lay off between now and then.

Take the day off before as a rest day.

In the future if you want to look into getting clothes specific to the tri. I like the clearances at for the best prices.

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3/12/10 2:52 P

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Jackie - check out my blogs. Down near the end is one called Beginner Triathle's Checklist. I list the stuff I brought to my first couple of triathlons and I also list step-by-step what I did in transitions.

The main thing to remember about the transition is to set things up so the first stuff you need is on the top. For example, since the swim is the last thing, you will put your swim cap down on your towel first. On top of that you will put your biking stuff in the order that you will need it. Most people put their helmet on last, so for me I set the helmet down facing up and put stuff I'll need inside of it.

The day before the triathlon, I always run through my transitions. I keep doing them until I get each transition down pat three times in a row - you'll be surprised how much you will change around to make your movements as efficient as possible. I set everything up in my backyard exactly how I would set it up on race day.

So for the swim to bike transition, I put on my wet suit up around my waist (I will be pulling it off as I run from the ocean to the t-area). I walk around the house and come running up to my area where I run through the steps. I go until I discover something isn't right. I correct it and then I put the wet suit back on and start over. I keep doing this over and over until I get it right 3x in a row. Yes I know it sounds corny, but this works!

As far as what to wear, I use triathlon-specific shorts because they wick water away and dry quickly. That way I am not cycling in heavy, wet cycling shorts and getting chafed, or being uncomfortable with no padding on the bike. In your case, however, you are swimming last, so if you don't have tri shorts and do have cycling shorts, you can probably use those. For a top you can do a sports-bra style bathing suit top and cover it with a tech shirt for the run and bike. If that doesn't give you enough support, wear a supportive sports bra and put a sports-style bathing suit top over that. You don't want to swim wearing a tech shirt or anything that will billow in the water as that will simply weigh you down.

As far as the swim itself, use whatever stroke you are comfortable with. I have seen people do freestyle, backstroke, breast stroke, side stroke, doggy paddle, and a combo water-treading/doggy paddle kind of thingy. Whatever moves you through the water is okay. If you have to stop and grab a lane line remember you must STOP completely. If you pull yourself along the lane line you will get a time penalty or be disqualified. Get yourself in the water this week at least twice if you can to practice which stroke works best for you.

Other things to remember to keep from getting time penalized or disqualified: Dropping or throwing anything on the course. As runners we drop our clothing and GU and it's no problem. In triathlon, that's a time penalty. Even losing a water bottle off your bike will get your a penalty. Drafting on the bike - read the specific rules about what constitutes a draft, but I believe as soon as your front wheel passes the back edge of the guy's wheel in front of you, you are now passing and have 15 seconds to do so or you will be penalized for drafting. As soon as your front tire passes his front tire, he must drop back or he is drafting. Helmet - if you are on your bike, your helmet must be clipped or you will be disqualified. I make sure if my helmet is on my head it is always clipped. Also, a common newbie mistake is to get on the bike in the transition area. I almost did this in one race when I was excited to get moving.

I met you at the New Orleans HM, and I can honestly tell you that you have what it takes to have a very successful triathlon. The first one is always nerve wracking but I think when you finish you will be very happy that you did it and you won't be able to wait for the next one!

Good luck and if you still have my phone number, feel free to call me and I'll help you through whatever I can.


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
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3/12/10 2:03 P

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My first tri was a pool swim, and I just wore my bathing suit for the entire race. I did put running shorts and a tank top over it though when I got on the bike.

The only suggestion I have if you want to do this, is practice at least once running and biking in your bathing suit (with whatever other clothes you're wearing over it), so you can know if it chafes or bothers you at all. Since your swim is last, you don't have to worry about biking or running in it when it's wet, so that's good, at least.

I didn't have cycling shoes either, just wore my running shoes for the bike, then I didn't have to change them at all for the run.

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Stop worrying! You will be just fine! Think minimal in terms of what to wear and what to do during transitions. With a 9K bike, you can bike in what you ran in. And then just swim in the same think. A sports bra or tight fitting tank top (maybe with the built in bra) will work on top. If you don't have tri shorts, you can wear a pair of compression shorts for all three events. You could even wear a bathing suit for the entire event. Even though you haven't swum that much, you are in a pool, so if you need to rest at each end of the pool, do it. Is it a 50 meter or 25 meter pool? Either way, know you can make it one length, and rest if you need to.
Good luck, relax, and have fun! emoticon

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3/12/10 1:23 P

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I do not have any suggestions for you since I have not done my first Tri yet (Sep), but wanted to wish you good luck!


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3/12/10 1:22 P

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go swimming!!!!!!

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3/12/10 1:10 P

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I'm doing my first tri next Saturday and I am feeling totally unprepared!!! It's a reverse sprint consisting of a 5k run, 9k cycle and 150 meter pool swim!!! Being in Southern California, weather shouldn't be an issue!!!

While I know I will have no problem with the run or cycling part, the transitions and swim part have me a bit flustered!!!

I went to a workshop a few weeks ago put on by the event organizers and I felt okay with the information at the time but now that the big day is getting closer, I really don't have a clue how to prepare, what to wear, how to eat, etc!!!

I run at least 3 times a week and ride a stationary bike the other 3-4 days a week. I used the 25 meter pool at the gym a few times in December and January but not much since then!!! Before that I don't think I swam since I was a kid!!!

Any suggestion for what I can do during the next week to make sure I have a successful event!!!


Jackie Chatman, MA, NC
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Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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