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10/15/09 1:16 A

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Hi, Boo Boo. I hadn't thought about how it would be with a pup, but I think you are right. I like to snuggle on Mom's bed, and I might not be able to snuggle where I want if another pooch was there, too. Mom says vet bills are like doctor bills and you pay them when you need to, but fancy haircuts are a whole other thing. She says it would be harder to travel with two of us, too. We don't travel much right now, but we have and will again. I love that! Mom works with autistic kids and is thinking of visiting a place that trains autistic dogs (does that mean the dogs are autistic or the kids they go to are?). She raised a service puppy once but says it was too hard giving her away. I should think so! Thanks again, Boo Boo. Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't live so far away (I'm near Seattle). --Pearl

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10/14/09 9:26 P

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Hi Pearl,
I am the oldest member of our pack, I'll be 16 Nov. 3. My name is BooBoo. Sorry I didn't say hi sooner but my Mommy is busy packing all of our things in big boxes so that we can move to Southaven, MS. on Oct. 31, & I have been very busy staying out of her way! I don't want her to think that I'm a couch pillow & pack ME, oh no!

I like having my Mom with me, there is no substitute for Mommy. But, @ my age I would not want a full time playmate. He/she, especially if they were a pup,
would always want to play, & I appreciate time to visit with the Sandman. & even if your new pal & you make a good team, your Mommy would still have two vet bills to pay. No, if My Mommy could not be home a lot, I would much prefer doggy daycare. That way, I could socialize during the day if I wanted to & have peace & quiet, Not to mention my Mommy all to myself @ night.


Welcome back!


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10/14/09 5:36 P

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Hi Pearl, Texas Trio here. Our mommy first got me Raider and because I was already 5 months old when she got me, she knew I was already socialized to other dogs and I was very lonely the first day she brought me to be with her. So, the next day she went back to the breeder and got my "sister" Snickers, so I wouldn't be lonely. Wow, that was WONDERFUL cuz we could play and play even while mommy was at school. We shared a kennel back then. Then two years later mommy got a "wild hair" and decided we needed another sister. We met Buffy the day she and daddy picked her out and that's how we became "The Texas Trio". Our grooming place gives her a discount and so does our vet since there are three of us and that helps out a lot! She doesn't take us to the groomer as often though as some folks may because it is more expensive than it would be for just one poodle. We love it with having 3 poodles in the house, but we didn't like it much when mommy brought home the big rescue poodle named Major. He was really big and mommy called him the gentle giant, but he couldn't figure out he was big when he was trying to play with us, so he TERRIFIED us, especially Buffy! Mommy had to send him back to the rescue place. Hope this helps!

The Texas Trio

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10/14/09 12:55 P

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Hi Pearl! Glad to hear from you! We are lucky in that we have each other. But it wasn't always that way. Mommy and Daddy got Chiyo first. She was their only dog for about 8 mos. But, our Mommy and Daddy have to work away from our house five days a week and they noticed that poor Chiyo was a lonely girl. Since Mommy and Daddy have no human children (and don't plan to) they decided to add Toji to our family. It is a big decision to add another pet to the family, but we feel it was really worth it!!! If you don't have allergies (our Mommy does) and can have another type of dog, maybe one that doesn't need grooming, then that's a good possibility. Although you would still have double vet bills. We have never gone to daycare, but we have a friend that comes to stay with us when Mommy and Daddy have to be away for a long time. She's our petsitter. It took a while to find someone that we liked, but we really like her. She costs money too. So either way, daycare, petsitter or another pet is an expense. But, if you are lonely, your mommy is right in considering all the possibilities! Good luck! Poodle Hugs! Toji and Chiyo

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10/14/09 9:48 A

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Hey, Pearl, welcome! I like having my human around too, and really miss her when she takes trips without me. But I get car time too. I really like my time with my poodlebuddy Elvis, when he's around (my human puppysits him sometimes when his humans travel). Or maybe your human can cut costs by learning to groom herself. Of course she'd probably have to learn to like the simple cuts like the puppy or sporting cut. Not that I like those noisy clippers either. But then I have doodlepup fur, which isn't as neat as poodle fur.

I met lots of doodlepups yesterday. OK, I met two, Pete the cockapoo and a maltipoo boy whose name I forget. Frankly, they weren't too gentlemanly, doing the lunge-bark at me after reasonably polite sniffs. That seemed strange--usually I get along really nice with doodles and poodles and pretty much all other small dogs. I also met two papillons yesterday who were much nicer, and lots of chihuahuas, who are usually either scaredy or barkpupplies. Then there was a pug and a frenchie. Not very interesting. Plus the big dogs. Don't like them much much. Ah, well, that's my two barks' worth!


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10/14/09 9:32 A

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Hey Pearl.
I can send you Red, my sister! hehehe!
She is a big ole goofy 9 month old Cur and weighs almost 70 pounds!
Gee, she gets on my nerves! I am grown and mature and she really bugs me!
I never asked for NO sister! She showed up on our doorsteip, and mommy being guliable like she is, fed her and kept her.
I have never been lonely and I like it just fine !
She never leaves Red out in the house with me by myself. She is not to be trusted!
Me? I never have been crated, I have always had the run of the house! That's why they call me the BOSS!
Take it from me, you don't want a sister or brother!
You would have to share your mommy then!

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10/14/09 9:00 A

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Hi Pearl

I think daycare would be good if Mom is having trouble caring for one special poodle who needs grooming and such. We don't have another pup for me to play with b/c of grooming and vet care costs. I have never been to daycare myself but I have friends who like it.

And maybe there is another pup that is close by where your Mom's can swap giving you play dates for the day. I have a few big dog friends who do that. Their Moms work different days or shifts so they pup-sit for each other so they can get walks and playtime in.

My next door neighbor dog has a person who stops in each afternoon to take him for a walk when his man is working a whole day away from the house. I think it is his grandma but I am not sure. And speaking of grandma's I have three friends who have dayvare with their grandma's when their Moms are at work.

Tell your mom to be creative and I bet a good idea will come to her.

It is tough to be alone. I don't even have a kitty here for when my people go away. So try not to be lonely. Mommy says the angels are always with me so I am never all the way alone.

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10/14/09 1:44 A

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Hey, everybody! Am I in the right spot? I need you to help me out. My Mom finally figured out that I'm lonely hanging out at home all day with just my cat while she is at work. When we first started living together it was great; she worked at home and way out in the country, so we went everywhere together. I was sick a lot, though, because something was wrong. I don't know what, but when we moved away from the man who also shared four house, I felt a lot better; so did Mom. But she had to get a different job, and so now we aren't together so much and I kinda mope around. We do stuff--she teaches me tricks, we're learning to be a therapy team, and we take a long walk every other day, stuff like that. But now she is thinking maybe she could get a doggy friend for me. Or puppy daycare. She needs help deciding. Which is better? If I need a buddy, what's the best buddy to get? She says she loves poodles, but that one high-maintenance best friend is enough since my haircuts cost as much as hers! But she wants somebody I can love and who will love me back. Or to know how to find a good daycare. Any ideas? Thanks a bunch!--Pearl

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