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7/8/09 12:55 A

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PS We use advantix on Barbi as she loves to hunt and picks up ticks! Baby doll Angel stays in the mowed area and we don't have to treat her.
I am against those chemicals in the flea dips. They really don't work only cause chemicals to be inhaled and absorbed by the pets and people nearby. The advantix works and is well utilized for those furry friends in need.

NANAJOYS Posts: 467
7/8/09 12:41 A

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Nasty Fleas! I have done my battle with them over the years! I have learned that the chemicals can do more harm to the pets and humans than the fleas.
The trick to killing a flea is simply using a bit of oil in your shampoo, they make some with d-limonene (orange oil)or a mineral oil. I am sure you have all heard about the Avon product "skin so soft" being used to repel fleas? The fleas breathe via gills. All you need to do is clog those gills with oil and they die. Use a sponge saturated in the shampoo apply on the pets dry coat thoroughly to assure a complete kill of the parasites. If you rinse with water first the flea will simply hop off during the wash cycle! But here's the problem: if the fleas were allowed 10 days on your pet you have serious trouble brewing. Fleas proliferate faster than anything known to man. Only 10 per cent of the population is on your pet the rest are in four different stages in the pet's environment. And that can get real ugly faster than you can imagine...
Anyway it is nice to be amongst very caring poodle owners that notice the first flea and take action. But beware that it can get out of hand easier than you think. I would always want to check out any four legged visitors that come to your home. Say if an infested pet shakes POOF you have hundreds of flea eggs to deal with! Flea eggs are about the size of a grain of salt.
Advantage/tix and frontline have saved many pets lives, just follow the manufacturers directions. They are necessary for some pets. Some live in a pest free environment and do not have to depend on chemicals.
Yes, borax is a great product it dries out the flea eggs and breaks into one stage of their cycle. emoticon Linda

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7/7/09 8:23 P

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Thanks Jane,
I really enjoyed that article about those pesky critters. Very informative. I use Front line Top spot on BooBoo & a Raid foggier every 30 days on the carpet.

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7/7/09 7:23 P

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We use Advantage.

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7/7/09 6:58 P

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Advantage or something similar. They all work, or at least the different ones I've used. Flea shampoo, stinky green stuff, works wonders too. But I usually avoid that...unfortunately, Mighty Joe has had fleas a few times in the past!

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7/7/09 5:28 P

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In April's heart worm medicine, there is a flea repellent or something like that. I give her the brown sentinal heart worm, with flea thingys. LOL

As a side note, April will be writing later about being accused of giving Mommy a tick! LOL


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7/7/09 5:24 P

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knock on wood, we've never had problems with fleas, but thanks for the great information!

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7/7/09 3:32 P

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I use the Advantix and I also clean my rugs 2 times a year with Borax powder ... sprinkle it on the rug let sit for 3 hours vaccuum up and repeat in 3 days, it is an all natural way to kill fleas in the house.

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7/7/09 3:24 P

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Really interesting article.

I use Advantage and have had great results.

I used yeast tables on two previous dogs and it worked really well, but it made them itch and scratch a lot, so I discontinued it.

But I LOVE Advantage.


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7/7/09 2:55 P

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Oops. Here's the link the hyper way:

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7/7/09 2:52 P

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Tara picked up a few unwelcome visitors from our trip to Philly. Yup, on Independence Day, a flea or 2 took up residence, despite my having applied Advantix on June 11. Probably not my fault, since on the 5th I also saw a neighbor picking fleas off here chihauhua's belly and that tiny neighborhood dog park is very intensively used. At least Tara's not nasty allergic to them as Cleo was. She still does not appreciate the beasties (with reason), nor her fur getting wet.

After all, tick treatments are supposed to last about a month and this was only a week short. Maybe bathing Tara a week earlier didn't help, despite using flea-and-tick canine shampoo. So it was bathtime yesterday. However, Tara wouldn't soak even with me joining her in the tub (apparently it takes 5 to 6 minutes of immersion to drown the critters). Of course, this morning it was re-application time.

FYI, I feel a little guilty using toxics around the house since Cleo died of a liver tumor and of course that's where the toxics get concentrated. So I remembered to check my favorite garden guru's web site re non-pesticidal methods. Turns out Advantix isn't too bad (nor cheap), but there's a really weird way to catch and kill fleas: light traps. Here's the link.
What do you do for flea control?

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