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Tip 1: #track honestly. The only person youíre cheating is you if you donít.

Tip 2: You have to do this first and foremost for yourself. You can want to do it to be healthy for your kids or to look good for a special event or for health reasons, but at the core of it all, you need to put yourself first. That is not a selfish thing. Putting yourself first means youíll be healthy and present for everyone and everything else in your life. Shame, fear, or doing it for others doesnít get to the core of motivation. Youíre worth it!

Tip 3: Track your #zeros . It helps to know when you have a good week what you really ate, not just what you tracked.

Tip 4: if youíre not hungry, donít eat your points just because you think you have to use them all up. I canít believe how many times people say ďI have 4 points left and Iím not hungry.Ē Then donít worry about it. Enjoy a #rollover!

Tip 5: Donít be afraid to advocate for yourself (see tip 2). For me this means having no problem asking for double veggies or fish steamed or grilled without oil or salt if thatís what I want when I eat out. Iím paying for food, I can make requests. People do this all the time nowadays for food allergies. They want happy customers. But you wonít get what you want if you donít ask! #restaurants #diningout

Tip 6: Someone at my meeting last week said they wouldnít do Tip 5 because they donít want to not seem ďfunĒ in front of their friends. See tip 2 and ask yourself why your friends wouldnít be supportive. Ditto for family members. If you donít have support at home, come to a #meeting We got you, and you got this.

Tip 7: itís ďlose weightĒ, and when you do, your clothes are ďlooseĒ

Tip 8: Find your thing. You canít wish for change, this is hard work. And that means exercise. I NEVER worked out and I hated PE and I was pretty sure I was born without abs. But I found my workout and you can find yours.

Tip 9: stop thinking about diets. This is a sustainable lifestyle. Stop thinking about cabbage soup, Jenny Craig or #keto . WW is not the only way to lose weight, but itís one you can stick with. Give it a real chance. Track, workout and see what happens in a month. I see so many people who donít track and donít try and then say WW didnít work. I know change is scary, but so is continuing on a self-defeating path.

Tip 10: prep those meals. Try, #hungrygirl whatever floats your boat. But failing to plan is planning to fail.

Tip 11: when you go off plan for one meal, donít make it a day or a week or a month or forever. You donít slash your other three tires when you get one flat... #jillianmichaels

Tip 12: eat protein! Some of my favorite snacks include Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and Splenda, turkey jerky, hard boiled eggs, turkey pepperoni with baby bel, laughing cow, and PB2. Rice cakes only get you so far. #pb2

Tip 13: take a before picture. With your clothes on please. Keep that biggest pair of pants and take your measurements so you can see how far youíve progressed. #facestory

Tip 14: try new foods and try new challenges. When you get bored, see how many veggies you can eat in a month, or how many steps in a day #challenge .

Tip 15: modify recipes and serving sizes! Is 2/3 cup too many points? What about 1/2 or 1/3? Does the recipe call for cream and oil but you can substitute Greek yogurt and cooking spray? Do it! I never make a recipe as printed. Be a rebel!

Tip 16: Be kind to yourself. That doesnít mean eating a box of chocolates. It means giving yourself a break, investing time in yourself and positive self talk. Be your own best friend and advocate. And maybe, when youíre ready, examining why you turn to food to cope and developing other coping mechanisms. Without doing the inner work, itís hard to hang onto success when life throws you a curveball. This doesnít apply to everyone but if it does to you, give it some thought.

Tip 17: itís OK to eat fruit. Berries and bananas didnít cause you to join WW.

Tip 18: donít deny yourself. I have a splurge every week. Theyíve become less exciting to me over time because Iím less fixated on food. But this month Iíve had ice cream and cheese fondue and kettle corn and Iím still losing weight.

Tip 19: Drink water. Herbal tea is wonderful. My all time favorite is orange ginger mint from Republic of Tea. Thereís no magic number of ounces a day. If youíre thirsty youíre not drinking enough and if your pee is clear youíre overworking those kidneys. Find a happy medium.

Tip 20: Get rid of those old clothes. The ones that you didnít really love, but they were the only thing that fit...I was down almost 40 lbs before I started wearing things that really fit me, and everyone noticed and I felt amazing. Goodwill has a walk-in closet of mine and two dressers of clothes and Iíve never been happier or lighter in my heart. Target, Old Navy, Amazon Wardrobe, and a nice Goodwill can get you through your transitional sizes without breaking the bank. But you have to let go of the past to move forward and if you keep the big clothes because you think youíll need them again one day, then you have to start trusting yourself to make good decisions and believe in yourself and the program. Youíve earned new clothes, go out and get them!

Just some thoughts, not all original. Hope it helps someone!

PS: Tip 21: donít believe everything you read online. Fact check medical claims against reputable sites like Mayo Clinic. Your health should not be entrusted to memes!

Stay healthy friends!


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