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8/25/15 11:02 A

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When the pollen count is high (like now) I use my elliptical trainer in my house one day and swim in an indoor pool the other door. When I garden, I wear a face mask. I also follow the advice of avoiding the outdoors in the evening when the pollen count is higher and shower before I go to bed to keep the pollen out of the bedroom.

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8/22/15 6:45 A

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I suffer from hay fever but I won't let it stop me from walking. This is the first year that I have had it and all I get is a running noise and a bunged up throat.

I do think that it may have slowed me down with exercise but that could be that I have got older.

I can't tell you to ignore it as that may not be possible for you to do it, so I will say do what you can indoors if it helps


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3/6/15 4:43 P

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Hello Claudia
I've been a runner for some time and suffers from seasonal allergies. The most effective method I've used to mitigate allergy attached in the spring is wear a dust mask. However, I don't use it in summer because I sweat profusely. As for medication, Allegra worked to a certain extent but you have to take it before you go out. I also discovered that the severity of the attacks/reactions lessen over time. Good luck to you.

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3/6/15 3:14 P

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Hello from America!
When I was running during winter, years ago, I found that if I wore ski sunglasses, the kind that protect all around (wind and light guards edging the glasses, even on overcast days), my eyes didn't water. Also, I kept my nose and mouth covered (with a kerchief, scarf, or mask), and started out with hot water in my bottle (which would be warm by the time I finished). These two things kept me going, comfortably to boot. Hope that helps a bit.

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3/5/15 11:37 A

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Hi Everybody,

This winter I discovered running for me. Now this week as it starts getting warmer and the allergy seasons is about to start. A couple of allergy symptoms already started yesterday during my run. My eyes just got really watery and it actually looked like I am crying during my run. I would really hate to give up running now, as I see progress in my endurance. How do you deal with this? I am really looking forward to hear your advice and see how you deal with allergies while working out. 

Greetings from Germany

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