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2/6/09 8:37 P

My SparkPage
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She saw him sitting there
A child by his side
Was he married
Had he lied
She loved him so
With all her heart
But she had to let go
They had to part
If he had a wife
There love could never be
Because she wanted
Her own little family
Published in a song

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2/1/09 10:10 P

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Title: Her Roses
Date: 02/01/09
By: Desiree I.

It was evening,
The sun had just set.
The light was dimming less and less
Her love was strong and resilient
Just like her heart,
And much like her roses.

She had no husband,
That was just as she liked it.
No man to love, which was just as fine.
She had her life, her daughter,
Her dreams--
And her roses.

She had been to see many places
Lived a good solid, hopeful life
She raised her daughter--
Whom she loves more than life itself
Though her daughter is grown now
She visits often
Mostly to help her mother
Tend those roses.

She sat there,
On her patio
In the warm, humid
Summer heat
As a much needed breeze
Blew through her hair
She loved it--
The steamy sweet scent
Of her roses
At the end of the day.

The calming
Thoughts about her life
As she's lived it.

Content, and happy.
With her roses.

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1/22/09 2:58 P

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Title: "The Fearless Writer."
By: Desiree I. (Applehead326)
Date: January 22, 2009 ©

Amidst all of her problems,
The trouble in her life
The pain and the strife
She held on.

It was lonely for quite a while
Life sent her love,
And no sooner was it lost.
Many times she'd ask God, "Why?"
"How could you give me
So many wonderful gifts
Then they're taken away?"

How can you let this be,
That I was once so happy
And now I am so sad,
So angry, so mad.

What do I do,
When I've lived my life fully
And I'm handed such a daunting
Task, to lose everything I've ever loved
And still come up whole and lively
Still live fully and without doubt.

Still live, and not question.
Still love, and not forget.

I am not alone in this.
And living is something I should never regret.
Though I have lost such a great love
Though I have lost my best friend
Though I am feeling so low and the pain is still so very real, I must never give in.

So, I use this pen to heal any open wounds
Still bleeding, still hurting on the inside.
I use these words to fill the void of losing almost everything. Still, never losing myself.

I will be the fearless writer, I was meant to be.

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1/7/09 12:36 P

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Title: "The Only Light"
Date: 01/07/09
By: Desiree I. (Applehead)

I faced it dead on
Without regret or remorse
I just opened up my eyes
And made myself realize
This is what it is.

And, for a moment I was confused
My heart had been dying for so long
Trying to keep itself locked up in denial
But, I was wrong.

So wrong,
And I refused to let go of the past
How long it has pledged me and made me who I am.
I wish I knew how to erase this
But I cannot.

In one instant,
I was changed
And the only light I saw
Was that of the street light
In the middle of the night
One in the month of July.
Sitting on the porch, trying not to cry.
It was like magic,
When I realized...
The moon had hid itself behind a cloud
My heart had leaped it's final bound
And, this light shined brighter now
Than any light I ever knew...
Because in my eyes,
This was the darkest dark of all times.

The only light,
And when it started to rain
I didn't go inside
I sat there and let the rain
Slide down my face,
Down my tank top
Soaking my flip flops
The warm rain felt great.
And I was whole again...

Sitting there just staring
At the only light on the street.
Late on that warm, rainy July night.

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12/17/08 11:05 A

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Very good! Here is one I would like to share with you.

Title: "Anger, no more"
Date: 12/16/08
By: Desiree I. (Applehead326)

I've got my fists clenched
Ready to scream, ready to fight
Ready to give it everything, all my might.

And saying this out loud
Feels so much better, now...
Cause I've got these walls built up around me
Ever since I was a child
Bricks started to accumulate
And each one represents
A new fate, heart break, anger, and hate.

But none of that's gonna go away.
And I can fight with all my might until I'm blue in the face.

Cause the only way I'm gonna break free,
Is by just being me!
Living out loud, screaming into the crowd,
Never backing down--
Giving my best all the time.

And never looking back...
Not even once, just breathe.. be at ease.
Let these walls fall,
Let my heart heal,
Let my dreams come true.

Shed all these tears--
Each representing something,
Love, honesty, hope, and strength.

Leave it up to me to be all of this and more.
I want to live, I want to soar.
I want to live with anger no more!

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12/16/08 11:38 P

My SparkPage
Awe..thank you...and here's a little poem i am creating,
at least my heart isn't breaking,
I love to create poems for all,
as they make anyone feel real tall!
Although i am ill right now,
I can still give cheers and how
Cause having this place to be you see
It gives our wills life to be free!

How's that for on the fly movement of spirit....pat..:)

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Information is powerful to the human mind so embrace your journey wisely.

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12/16/08 11:14 P

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This is a special thread. I am a poet at heart and I just thought this could be the place where we all share our poetry! Please, come join!!!

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