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5/19/08 8:52 A

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Hi Lynn and welcome to our forum, it is great to have you join us.
Well done on your poetry emoticon and on your being a published author ~ keep up the good work and focus on positive things, we are here to help so check back often
Hope to read more, have fun on your healthy journey here with all the rest of us.


Lord, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

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5/18/08 9:46 P

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I tried to follow the straight, the narrow
but I always wander off the path
taking chances I shouldn't take
facing the devils evil wrath

I thought I had it figured out
the way to change this stupid life
get the surgery, stop the drugs
yet still world is full of strife

Now they've canceled my surgery
said insurance won't pay
I doubt that's the reason
they've sent me away

Someone set me up
set up me to take the fall
rigged it so I would fail
but still I'm standing tall

This weight I'm carrying
slows me way down
I can't walk fast, or run
I often cry without a sound

Now they can lock me up
and even throw away the key
my body my be held hostage,
but my mind will always be free

I'll miss my mother most of all
and I've disappointed her again
it seems the only thing I am good at
is writing poems with paper and pen

I rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not. (Van Zant)

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5/18/08 9:45 P

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They say I was a cute baby
but I was born fat
and nothing I did growing up
ever changed that

So ate to be happy
And I ate when I was mad
And by the time I was teen
my self-esteem was real bad

Now Iíve been addict
for most of my life,
first it was food...
then I bought a knife.

That wasn't any better
so then I tried drugs
and I went to prison
like one of them thugs

In prison I got clean
But got addicted to men
Who used and abused me
Again and again

I finally broke free
from an abusive man
Iíd rather be lonely
Than someoneís garbage can

I tried all kinds of tricks
Diet pills, and starvation
But nothing ever worked
Til my latest revelation

I had been to the doctor
Heíd been watching my weight
He was getting me ready
For a life I wonít hate

Iíve got bad arthritis
And knees that donít last
But soon weight loss surgery
will make that a thing of the past

I wasn't doing it to be skinny
Although thatís was a nice perk
Iím was doing it to be healthy
And maybe go back to work

I canít work at all now
Canít sit and canít stand
Filter in my high blood pressure
And my under-active thyroid gland

But the future was looking up
and still Iím gonna lose the weight
even though the canceled my surgery
one day I'm gonna feel great

I wanted the surgery boost
losing a lot of weight in little time
but I have to do it the old-fashioned way
counting calories, exercising my rhyme

I hope someday to run
or walk along the beach
without huffing and puffing
nothing is going to be out of my reach

I rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I'm not. (Van Zant)

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