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10/23/19 6:21 A

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Iagree with squash. I like all of them alone or in soups and stews.
I also enjoy brussel sprouts and cabbage. My family makes cabbage rolls (halupki is what my grandparents called it). The sprouts are great sliced thinly into salads, baked, or sauteed with a little bacon.
Although roasted root vegetables like beets, turnips, sweet potatoes etc are amazing too.

Apples and pears, not sure of any other seasonal fruit this time of year in Ohio. My favorite apples are suncrisps and winesaps. There is a local orchard/ farm that has a market and pick your own. They have dozens of varieties and keep introducing more. They are starting to focus more on heirlooms so who knows I may change my mind. Because they are extra fresh I tend to eat them raw but has my stash starts to go I may bake them or cook them into applesauce.

Honorary mention (because it is a fruit but many call it a veg) green tomatoes. They are great fried :( or better baked over chicken, in salsa, pretty much anything use red and I have a cake recipe for them (similar in thought as zucchini bread but green tomatoes and cake texture). Get them a plenty this time of year :0)

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10/8/19 2:08 P

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My favorite vegetable in the fall is Kabocha Squash (I think is name of it). It is an orange squash that looks like a flattened pumpkin. We just cut it in half and bake it. My mom used to make orange squash but it was frozen and she added butter. So, baked squash with no butter is much better. We add a little water as it bakes.

Apples are the hands down favorite fruit. New York State grows a lot of apples. I usually eat them raw.


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9/29/19 11:45 P

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I think my favorite fall vegetable is spaghetti squash. We didn't have it when I was growing up. I cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and steam it in a little water in the microwave. When it is soft enough to scrape it out of the shell and eat, I put a little butter on it and maybe a tiny amount of salt for a little taste. I like it to have a slight crunch, not totally soft. That is the only kind of squash that I like.

My favorite fall fruit is pears. I eat them raw. I like the Anjou pears the best, again, because they are crunchy. I'm not a fan of real soft vegetables and most fruits. I think the soft feeling of food reminds me of how food was cooked when I was growing up. Most of the vegetables and fruit were "cooked to death". I have a son in law who also grew up in the mid-west and he won't eat several of the vegetables that I don't like because of this. I have finally learned to eat asparagus as long as it is roasted.

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9/29/19 5:57 P

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I haven't been doing well with the Question of the Month, mainly because I couldn't think of a new question for the month. So I recycled this one. I might do it again....

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What is your favorite Autumn Fruit or Vegetable? How do you prepare it? Is there anything you do to reduce calories from something your mother made?

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My favorite Fall Vegetable is Buttercup Squash. I love it when its baked with brown sugar. My mother always added butter (usually margarine) and brown sugar. I wondered how it would taste without the butter, just brown sugar (I never managed to give up the brown sugar) I discovered it you add water, rather than the butter, my family didn't notice the missing butter. The water was needed to moisten it up.

My all time favorite Fall Fruit is the apple. I've never been a fan of caramel apples. But baked or fresh with cinnamon, Yum!

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