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3/24/11 7:47 A

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Cathy gave you some very sound advice, I'm not sure I can add too much more.
I think the working on a farm for awhile would give you the insight to see if it fit.
The Extension is a great idea, might even fine a source who was at one time in your same shoes. Could get the word out to farm related banks, Farm Credit sources and rural churches.
I have the GK's here, still sleeping, but if I come up with anymore when I have time will give you a holler.
It too CAN be done.

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3/24/11 4:41 A

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Being a teacher, I know more about research than farming. Hope I can help a little.

A city girl neighbor who had your dream graduated from high school and took a job on a cattle ranch 300 miles from home. (Checked unemployment, internet, newspapers.) She knew nothing, but was strong and willing to work hard. She eventually, made enough money to buy a horse of her own and all the trappings and that was all she ever really wanted. I think she is working elsewhere now, but is a member of the Sheriff's Posse and quite the horse person.

All of my neighbors have farms with animals and gardens, but none of them make a living with them. They all had/have other jobs. Two of my neighbors have made money logging and replanting. One turns a small profit raising sheep and selling lambs. All of them save money gardening, raising beef and chickens.

Lastly, another small town girl hooked up with the sheep farmer's son next door and she is getting her bachelors degree in agriculture concurrently with a business degree. He is getting his doctorate in mathematics. They rented acreage and raise sheep, cows and hay. I think she wants to do something with poultry as her final goal. They recently bought a small house, but, I think they are still renting the land. They are both still in college full time, work part time and farm part time.

Oh, I also know someone with goats who makes and sells specialty products from goats milk. She sells milk, butter, eggs, candles, soaps and lotions over the internet and at craft fairs.

Maybe you could rent a place with a couple acres and get a regular job while you experiment with your dream. I like my one acre that is big enough to hold a couple sheep, a garden and some chickens. That is enough for me. We do have a 25 acre tree farm we are sitting on too, waiting for the trees to mature.

Had another idea. You might volunteer for a week on a farm that is similar to your dream. You might get connected with the right people. Also, you should talk to your local extension agent. That is their job to help. You should also have an extension website for your state.

Have you checked to see if most of your biology degree would roll over into an agricultural degree? Oregon State University has a really good program.

Your state should have something similar. Good luck.

What is your dream farm? Maybe someone here could help get you past the hobby farm stage. My ancestors were all farmers. Grandpa homesteaded and raised horses for the cavalry and dad plowed three hundred acres of corn with a team of horses, I have always only been a hobby farmer.

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3/24/11 3:50 A

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I've been wondering lately WHY I'm going to school to be a biologist when all I've ever wanted since I was a kid, is to farm. Without knowing much of anything, and too many student loans out to get a farm loan, I think it's out of my reach.

But I'm thinking, what if I stopped taking out more student loans after this semester and instead start paying some of 'em back, do a little credit cleaning for a year or two, and during that same time, wonder what the chance is I could get a farm job. So I could learn a thing or two, get some hands on experience, etc.

If I was able to do all that for 2 years, I MIGHT be able to get a loan to buy a farm....

Does anyone know how much you have to have to put down, as a down payment? or how I could get a job working on a farm, being as I have no experience?

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