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6/6/12 11:03 A

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The city I used to live in (Vancouver) allows 3 chickens per household. I'm not sure about my current area's allowances though - doesn't matter at the moment as we're living in an apartment.

I'd like to get a goat(s) one day for fresh goats milk. I know there are herd shares around, but I haven't found any goat ones close to here.

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3/25/12 9:14 A

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We aren't allowed to have chickens in our neighborhood, but we do keep bees. One hive now, and we are adding a second in a few weeks. That's all we have room for. This will be our second year, and we are hoping to get some spring honey from our established hive!


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3/18/12 11:15 P

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I just saw a commercial for Chef Boy-Ar-Dee products. And the stuff he made looks better than the canned crap that is now marketed in his name. I bet he's spinning in his grave about that now. After you've tasted fresh ravioli, spaghetti and meat balls, etc., this stuff is not appealing at all.

Don't give up!

Marc from Topeka, KS
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5/13/11 5:44 P

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We should have our chickens soon. Hubby is a custom home builder... sigh and so our coop has Jen Weld windows and cedar ciding with a skylight! LOL He hasn't finished their outside area. Then some very lucky girls will have a NEW home. I can't wait. I love the fresh eggs. Will post pics when its done! heehee

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5/8/11 1:16 P

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Agree on having setting up your own veggie garden. You can monitor the progress of your seedlings as well as you have the choice of using your preferred fertilizer.

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3/26/11 7:59 A

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Interesting that you mentioned raising chickens. Even though we're in a semi-rural suburb, we're allowed to have chickens. The only thing is that one of our neighbors was forced to get rid of his rooster years ago because someone complained about the daily "disturbance" - LOL!

Anyway, there was a story on the news just the other day about a green gardener who bought pullets and talked about how to prepare the coop, prepare to wait a bit until the chickens start producing, etc. I think that, if I had the time to care for them, I'd like to try my hand at raising a couple of chickens for the eggs.

My husband has been planning the veggie garden and has already started the seedlings. We usually lay a drip irrigation line in the beds.

My biggest challenge is time. I don't have a lot of it, due to my training and work schedule. But, I love gardening and the joy of seeing plants respond beautifully. I envy those of you who have success with your gardening and small livestock.

Have fun and please let us know how things go for you. I think you're awesome!

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Alysia :)

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3/25/11 11:20 A

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emoticon Wish I had chickens. I can't get my hubby to help me build a chicken house for me and I am all thumbs when it comes to carpentry. And besides, the material is just out of our budget right now.
Enjoy your chickens!!
My friend's cow finally calved 3 weeks ago so now I have fresh raw milk in my fridge. That's a big
emoticon for me!

And I still get my eggs from another friend who raises her birds on the ground and totally organic. Love those fresh eggs.

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3/25/11 9:00 A

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we are getting chickens soon, just think fresh eggs every day, i will know how fresh they they are. i hate buyingeggs fromthe super market even from the farmers markets you do`nt know how fresh the eggs really are

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