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6/14/12 2:36 P

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I don't have Chacos but LIVE in my Tevas - same idea, I guess!! One of the groups I hike with doesn't allow sandals on the trail [!!!] so I have to wear boots or trail runners but whenever I'm on my own, I hike in Tevas [unless there is snow, haha!] much of the time.

By the way, I've found that here in California, the majority of hikers are over 40, too - maybe even over 50. The reason is because younger people are very busy raising families, working hard and so forth - there are some hikes you can take kids or even babies but it does seem to cut into the type of hiking one can do. Then there are all the soccer games, ballet lessons and/or homework sessions to participate in so a lot of people don't get back into hiking [or don't take it up in the first place] until they become empty-nesters.

Enjoy Korean hiking - Chacos and all!

Lynda in Orange County, So Calif


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6/14/12 1:21 A

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Damn, i've just made the transition from hiking boots to trail runners. Now you tell me I'm supposed to hike in Chacos? emoticon

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6/13/12 10:36 P

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My daughter and her husband hiked 3/4 of the AT in Chaco's--she did wear socks with them. And she continues to wear them now.

Anne - Eastern Time, Nashua, New Hampshire

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6/13/12 9:23 P

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Hey everyone! I'm new to the group but I feel like I've really found some like-minded people here.

I wanted to ask you all a "am I crazy?!" question but it requires a bit of a backstory. I'm originally from Colorado and I have always loved the outdoors; camping and fishing and hiking. I really got into hiking in college and that's when I started doing longer, more intense hikes and when I really got a passion for it. Now, I live in South Korea. The mountain ranges are beautiful here and hiking is THE OFFICIAL past time for anyone over 35. I'm not kidding - you hardly ever see hikers in their 20s... 35 is a young estimation. It's more like over 40. I guess they're too busy being fashionable downton? Anyway, the only hikes I've done in Korea have been day hikes, which are physically strenuous but short-lived for only a couple hours. On these hikes I love to wear my Chaco sandals! Anyone else live in their Chacos? They are sturdy with thick soles and for the most part if I tighten them up they are never leaving my feet unless I loosen them. However, Koreans look at me like I am bonkers! They dress to the nines in their professional hiking gear here - they take their hiking outfits very seriously.

Am I crazy to be hiking in Chacos or am I just a weird American? I'm a little out of touch with the American hiking scene anymore so I just wanted to know if any other hikers out there find there Chacos to be great hiking companions for warm-weather, day hikes. Am I alone in this? LOL.

p.s. I can't wait to start commenting on some of these threads and get to know you all. You guys seem really passionate!

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