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5/2/13 8:04 P

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Thanks for the link on ordering lab tests ourselves.

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5/2/13 2:50 P

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Hey John

Overactive/underactive thyroid can cause some strange symptoms, inclusive of psychosis, which is prolly why they tested your TSH when you came in for what seemed like food poisoning.

The T3 uptake number is actually how much binding protein (albumin, transthyretin, and thyroxine binding globulin) is in your blood. These proteins are made in the liver, and put your circulating thyroid hormone in temporary storage, to be freed up later by your liver. Most of your thyroid hormone is bound.

So looking at this low number, it indicates that much of your thyroid hormone is free. Which is supported by your low TSH number, which some would say its very close to being hyperthyroid.

Optimal TSH in normals (peeps not taking any hormone in a pill) is usually beteen 1 -2, with 1.5 -1.8 being the sweet spot.

I would get your thyroid tested again, since the last time you had these tests run, you were in dire straits. A thyroid test taken when you are in the throes of an extreme situation like food poisoning, can't be taken as everyday normal.

When you get your next test run, ask for a "Free T" test as well as the one for TSH (which actually measures the hormone the pituitary puts out to regulate how much thyroid hormone your thyroid needs to make).

So you'll need a Free T3, a Free T4 and a TSH.
Alternately you can order them on your own, which is what I do.
This service is not available in all states.
Here's a link to a lab service and the test you want:

We're not doctors here but we do have a good community of like minded people.
Welcome to our team.

: )

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5/2/13 12:01 P

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Hi there,

Its definitely worth asking your doctor about and following up since its pretty easy to run the tests.

Looking at your numbers, they all seemed to be okay. When i was diagnosed with Graves' disease (autoimmune thyroid disease, causing hyperthyroidism) my TSH was unreadable, and I am now on medication to keep my TSH at around 0.5.

Thyroid function can change over time, so definitely check it out, but I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you're specifically having symptoms.

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5/2/13 8:08 A

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I suggest you google Thyroid and do some reading. Are you having any other symptoms? You may want to have blood work done before you see the doctor so a comparison of the two can be done.
You should be able to find a questionnaire that asks about different symptoms you are having that may be able to give you some insights on what the doctor will look for.
Most of the people who will give you some good answers are probably asleep now but should be waking up soon.
I wish you success in finding answers to your questions.

Jane on Guam

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5/2/13 4:04 A

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I am a 30 year old male. Over 2 years ago I had some labs done when I had food poisoning. Not sure why they ran TSH test but they did

Here are the test

T3 Uptake 30.4 (low) ref range is 31.0-39.0%
T4 Total 7.1 ref range is 4.7-13.3
TSH 0.54 ref range is 0.34-4.82

My doc has seen these before along with ER when I had food poisoning but none of them ever mentioned anything to me.

It's now 2 years later and I stumbled on these test and have been doing some research. Does this need further investigating? I plan to make an appoitment soon but not sure how urgent this matter is. I'm very scared now that this could lead to something serious like heart disease. I've read reports that low levels of TSH indicate future heart issues.

I have no heart history in my family nor thryroid problems. Im very confused. Please any reassurance will help. Thanks emoticon

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