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3/20/13 2:33 P

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I'm flabbergasted. I don't even know how to respond to that. Adult soccer means just that, adults. There are plenty of opportunities for children to play organized soccer, not as many for adults and to bring ones child to an adult event is not only unfair, but dangerous. Maybe these girls are good enough. But are they physically up to the task? I can see liability issue here as well, since this is a co-ed activity, putting a 12 or 12-year old against a grown man is asking for trouble. I'm not saying I envision an adult going in on a sliding tackle, but accidents happen and the size difference could create a serious injury. These parents are being selfish and spoiling what should be a fun time for all adults participating. And it's a pity that you should be taking the heat for raising a very fair and honest question.


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3/20/13 1:56 P

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I am curious as to what people in general think when they read a sign-up list with the title:


I belong to this group that arranges pick-up soccer games through and adult social media site called 'Meetup'.

The title of the game is as above and is always as above. I have played in 52 games by signing up for this game.

Last week. 3 parents that have never been before came to play and also signed up their daughters to play. One was 12 and the other two were 13. That's Grade 6 & 7 if that helps you understand how young they are. I should also mention that one of the parents is also the girls' soccer coach, so this was his idea for them to play against the adults 'to keep the girls fresh' he said.

When I left feedback after the game saying that there were too many underage players (which was an understatement because there should have never been any underage players) on the field their parents proceeded to "trash" me, openly commenting that their girls were told to 'hold back' and if they had not that I would have touched the ball even less than I did, that I should be encouraging them to play instead of saying they are too young, that it was unfortunate that people were not intelligent enough to see the bigger picture, that I was goes on an on.

There were 8 adults on the waitlist this week so these 3 girls took up adult spots.

I stand by my main point. Too many underage players. They are not adults and should not have signed up and their parents should not have attacked me when I pointed out they were too young.

The fact remains that the sign-up was for adults, not kids, it was stated, not implied.

I guess part of the problem was that the convener of the league left it up to a younger gentleman (18 or 19 yrs) to collect the $$ (we pay as we go) and run the game. There was never a specific age set (and why should there be for Adult Soccer?), so the young gentleman tried to reach the convener with no luck on this issue before the game started. In my opinion they took advantage of him. They also refused to tell anyone their actual ages until the parents mentioned online in their arguments as to why their girls should play us....if there was no issue why did they not tell us their ages from the start? I asked each girl and they all looked at me like they did not understand english- they must have been told not to tell anyone their ages.

The girls played and they did play well, my point was to be taken as feedback for future games so that we could set an age requirement - even though I believe that most would say adult is 18+ and that the intended players are stated in the title but these parents are still arguing that it should be ok for their 12 & 13 yr old girls to be playing.

I signed up to play against adults. I am 43 yrs old and while I can hold my own, I cannot keep up to kids that young and would not have signed up knowing I would be playing against kids that I would be worried about hurting. Many others feel this way and those who commented their agreement got dragged through the mud too...this is all by people that have never been out to a game before and don't know any of us..there are a lot of regulars at these games and each game with 21 players signed I generally know at least 3/4 of them.

The name calling and insinuating on the part of the parents of anyone that had a different opinion than them was immature and uncalled for.

The come into the game once and expect us to change all the rules to suit them and when Isay anything contrary to what they think the verbally abuse me online.

I have a 12 year old girl and would never play her against's an age/maturity/liability thing, not a skill thing as these parents were singing the praises of these girls left right and centre as their reasons the girls should be able to play. They kept saying it was pick-up so they thought they could have the girls play. did they ask anyone? No, they just came in and expected everyone would be ok with it and when they were not argued that we should have been. They came into our game, we did not try to register for theirs. Can you imagine that- if I signed up to play in a youth game? They would have said ' sorry lady, you are to old to play against/with the girls. So why do they think it is ok for them to sign up for the adult game?

I also have a 9 year old, if you let the 12 & 13 year olds signed up for Adult only soccer then can I sign up my 9 year old if I wanted too? Can I sign up for the Men's games even though I am not a man? You have to draw the line somewhere and I feel I was unfairly treated by the parents of these girls. I'm a parent too and I will defend my children when necessary but I feel these parents put their kids in a situation they should not have been in in the first place. The social media site requires you to have an have an account you have to be 18+ so am I wrong to assume that whatever event /people I come into contact with through this meetup site will be adults?

Honestly, when I go to play Adult Soccer, I should not have to be dealing with anyone's parents. I assume that all those eligible to play adult soccer can speak for themselves.

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