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2/9/07 2:29 P

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this was a bitch-ass week for me, too, with multiple fights with multiple coworkers and lots of bs. what actually saved me was going to the gym. it's like i was able to tire myself out enough that i didn't have enough left to feel the anger and frustration i was from all the stupid work stuff. food-wise, all i wanted on tuesday night to dull the angst was a big, fat cheeseburger and fries. so i budget for it on wednesday and went to bed on tuesday thinking about how the following night i could go to the gym, get a completely restorative cheeseburger and fries, and then watch tv in my jammies to soothe my soul. it worked really well, considering my usual eating habits. i mean, i went to bed on tuesday still wanting that damn cheeseburger, but with some planning i got it on wednesday and didn't have to add the stress of overeating to the stress i already felt.

damn, i'm wordy.

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2/9/07 12:26 P

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I'm totally an emotional eater too. I let myself cheat on weekends and eat a bag of chips and drink a coke. That way I don't cheat all week. If i have a bad day on a Thursday I just think "TWO MORE DAYS AND I CAN EAT WHATEVER I FRIGIN' WANT".

This is also probably not the best way, but I honestly think that I would end up cheating a LOT more often if I didn't specifically set aside 2 days to not read and evaluate the labels of everything I eat.

Some website said there are 3.4 cals in an m&m. Let's round up to 4, so count out 25 m&m's and hide the rest of the bag from yourself then eat them slowly. Stick 'em under your tongue one at a time and let 'em melt. I bet you can make them stretch out and you will feel more chillaxed. And you're just having a 100 cal snack.

(I am all about counting/measuring)

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2/9/07 12:19 P

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I've had an extremely stressful week so I've cut myself some slack - didn't push myself to go to the gym, ate what I was craving, etc.

Now, it might not be the best way to deal with it - but, I think it helps. Allowing myself to relax and have some of the things I wanted kept me from going on an all out binge.

Have some M&Ms. It won't kill you. (I sound like a pusher! haha!)

OR - you could go the route of only having healthy munchies around to snack on. But...that never works for me.

Just remember that tomorrow/next week is always another day and another chance to make a good choice.

2/9/07 12:11 P

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I have had a lousy couple of days and it has been a real struggle not to drown my mood with sweets. I am much more conscious of eating out of anger, boredom etc...but it is still tough. Anyone have an pep talk tips to keep me from finding solace in a bag of M&Ms?

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