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9/19/14 1:06 P

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Just made my meal plan for next week and am excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow morning.

My plan for this week:

Breakfasts: I'm going to make a big vegetable frittata on the weekend and then just eat that all week, with a piece of fruit.

Lunches/dinners: I'm trying two recipes from the Salad Samurai recipe book: grilled kale salad with lentils, and the almond falafel bowl. Then I also bookmarked this eggplant and chickpea recipe that I am planning to make to have as a hot meal:
eas-cumin-yogurt-recipe.html. I am going to make some cauliflower "rice" to have as a side dish with the chickpeas.

Wednesday I have a work event and in the evening will be grilling with co-workers. I need to figure out a good vegetarian option for myself. The catch is that I won't have access to a refrigerator during the day--we are picking up all the grilling supplies after the daytime activities and then heading over to our grilling location. So I can't really make anything from scratch. I think I might try to make some kind of marinade ahead of time and pick up some portobello mushrooms, a bunch of salad stuff, and maybe some frozen veggie burgers.

Snacks will be raw veggies, fruit, and yogurt with granola if I'm feeling especially hungry or have a very active day.

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9/16/14 12:25 A

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Another oldie but goodie thread I thought could use a bump! I definitely do better with eating well when I make a plan for my meals each week. Would love to get some ideas from you all, plus I'm sure posting here will help motivate me to do the plan myself!

This week I'm trying to clean some odds and ends out of the fridge, so things are a little oddball.

Breakfasts I am alternating between cottage cheese muffins (I use this recipe as a base but stretch it out to 12 muffins and use 1/4 c. pea protein powder in lieu of the flour:
ge-cheese-muffins-recipe.html) with some raw vegetables, oatmeal with nuts and spinach, and green smoothies.

Lunches are either a big salad (with nuts, legumes or boiled eggs, as well as the obvious of vegetables) or vegetable/chickpea soup.

Dinners are split pea soup (yes, everyday...a big batch from the freezer!), whatever raw vegetables I pull out of the fridge, and toast. I do usually manage to eat a couple of different things for dinner throughout the week, but that soup has just been in there forever and I feel the need to get it eaten before freezerburn strikes!

Snacks are fruit, yogurt, and a sugar-free "granola" I made last week (unsweetened coconut flakes and nuts tossed in coconut oil and toasted. Sooooo tasty and a little bit with yogurt is a perfect fat/protein mix for getting through until dinner).

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3/17/08 12:40 P

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My breakfasts and lunches are sort of interchangeable. And I only usually have 2-3 different dishes a week, since I'm just cooking for 1 and leftovers are therefore inevitable. All that said, this week I am eating:

Lunch: Quinoa, black bean, and vegetable burrito w/ guacamole and some raw carrots on the side.

Dinner: Tofu vegetable stir-fry over barley (I've found I kind of prefer it to rice, and it's really high fiber)

Tuesday: Ditto Monday

Lunch: Minestrone
Dinner: Quinoa, black bean, and vegetable burrito w/ guacamole

Lunch: Minestrone
Dinner: Tofu-vegetable stir-fry (although w/ a fresh and different batch of vegetables--tofu was on sale last week though so I kind of stocked up).

Lunch: Tofu-vegetable stir-fry
Dinner: Burritos again

Lunch: Leftovers

Then grocery shopping and time for a new week of meal plans.

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3/3/08 11:46 A

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Tonight: Potstickers, brown rice, broccoli or green beans

Tuesday: Chicken breasts (maybe with cajun seasoning?)potatoes, green beans or broccoli

Wednesday: crock pot beef over noodles

Thursday: I'm on my own that night. Probably whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce.

I have to stop now. I simply can't think that far ahead!

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3/2/08 3:11 P

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This week's meal plans is not nearly as exact CMIGHTYM's, but here goes:

Dinner Tonight: Veggie Fajitas

Dinner Tomorrow: Leftovers

Dinner Tuesday: Stuffed Peppers

Dinner Wednesday: Vegan Tacos?

Dinner Thursday: Stirfry

Dinner Friday: Soup & Salad?

I'm not a super great planner when it comes to meals, and that's probably why:

a. I spend a lot on groceries, but never feel like I have meals
b. I throw more veggies than I'd like to away
c. I often end up eating for convenience, not for health
d. I love food, so I almost always impulse buy at the grocery store

Let's home I can be good this week!

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2/24/08 2:11 P

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O.K. peeps, this is going to keep me on track. Chime in with your own plans, and maybe we can steal good ideas from one another!

Sunday - veggie chili over smashed potatoes, salad

Monday - tuscan white beans and sauteed kale over brown rice

Tuesday - pasta bolognese (with ground turkey) and steamed broccoli

Wednesday - left overs

Thursday - chicken tortilla soup & 1/2 quesadilla, salad

Friday - left overs or eggs, toast, and broccoli

Sat and Sun we're eating out, so who knows what...

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