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3/7/17 6:20 P

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Heather - I've never understood people who don't believe they control their own emotions. The idea that emotions would come from outside of yourself never made, yeah, if he doesn't control it, who will?

Goriana - That's so great that she'll let you finish the lifeguard training! What a pisser to be that close and have to not finish!

Jon - I'm so sorry that you got that cold!

We (finally) stopped raining and the sun is out and it's beautiful. It's supposed to get warmer and warmer as the week moves on...but then rain on the weekend. I can't complain, we need the rain. Besides, I'll be indoors working on the house!

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3/7/17 5:51 P

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Hi gang!

Yup, same here for weather. "...everything that requires him to do work is a tragedy". Yup. same here for attitude. Everywhere has (at least) one. Yes, you really don't want to move someone you know in if one foot is out the door. That's not fair to them. I just need to workout in the AM, it set my day up but if later works for you, more power to you!

That's a really inspiring story, Gor. It kind of ties in with what Heather was saying (from the opposite side), the power of positive action and not letting setbacks get in the way. Is that a new tag? I like it!

Still fighting this head cold but better. The weather was so nasty over the weekend I never took the water temp but as March 1st was just a few days earlier it shouldn't have changed much if at all. I really want to get into the gardens as well, the daffodils are nicely up, but it's still too soon.

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3/7/17 4:22 P

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Heather, good luck with your coworker...we can only change I hope that it clicks for him one day because imagine what it is like to live with a brain like that....

Laurie...I agree. I am loving the baby pictures. Thanks!

Thanks Carol for your encouragement about my swim instructor class.

It IS amazing to think that when I first joined this team in 2011, I came to get help with learning to swim. Then I sought your encouragement as I got comfortable with the deep side of the pool. I am taking the swim instructor class because I think it will help my swimming and also, maybe I can help my family learn to swim...or I can volunteer at the learn to swim program nearby....

last semester I took a life-guarding class. You have to rescue stuff at the bottom of pool of at least ten feet and I was practicing that...and then I nicked my elbow on the lane dividers and I could not finish the test because I was wasn't the way I wanted to go out, but I am happy I went out trying instead of letting the fear of the bottom keep me out of the water...and the instructor last semester is the same as this semester and she will let me try again for the life guard certificate.

Goriana, So Cal, USA
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3/7/17 9:16 A

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Good Morning all!!! We have a super rainy morning here, but it's not too cold, so that's helpful.

I'm working on my positive attitude today. I have a few team members who are just super negative and I'm getting a little bit tired of trying to keep them focused on being positive and just getting the work done. It's so unbelievably unprofessional. Ugh. The incredibly stupid thing about the negativity here is the one guy causes all of his own stress. He acts as if everything that requires him to do work is a tragedy. His attitude is killing the morale in the department. I know the solution is to get rid of him because all the coaching in the world can't change this attitude, but I'm fairly certain I can't get the support to move him out and a better person in. And frankly, I'm really not sure how long I'll be here so I don't want to move in someone I, we put up with him for now.

On an up note, I had a great workout last night and a great night of sleep. That's helping me deal with this stress. A good night of sleep does wonders!!

Laurie, the pic of your grandbaby just made me smile!! She is so adorable!!!! Thank you for sharing!!

Have a FUN and ACTIVE day!!!

- Heather -

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