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9/16/16 7:54 P

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Well started Amanda. 5 hours before EST might have something to do with it but I'm glad you did! Taking care of family is important but welcome back to a tall vehicle. Get back in that pool!

Two for the Swimmer's Mile, Gill. I'll have to check it out.

That's a REALLY big tile Carol and should be an incredible workout.

Nah, enjoy it Heather! I've heard of Coxsackie and its symptoms, GL with that. I'm looking forward to dancing again.

Hey- you got a swim in Kourtney! Don't stress the day to day, you know that.

Strikes me as odd, training Lean and that was the food provided. Someone wasn't thinking!

Speaking of Dancing (Heather) I found I pivoted off the ball of my left foot last week without thinking about it. Small victories! Added to Goals: Touch dancing by 10/17 in both directions (probably twelve years since last able to both ways).

First real jog this AM. 10 minutes 4.5 > 5 and hip was fine, lungs gone. 10/17 Goal: step on to the field (pitch to you Amanda) and kick a ball around.

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9/16/16 12:46 P

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Hi folks :)

I'm on a bit of a reset day, yesterday I was sent to off site lean 101 training all day which meant i was reliant on company provided food which equaled donuts, muffins, and bready sandwiches from a pizza joint. Oooof sugar hangover! It didn't help that i followed it all up with an artist's workshop with wine and beers the jazz bar.

Almost to the weekend, looks like perfect weather and the outdoor pool is open til Oct 3 so I'll recoup:)


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9/16/16 11:24 A

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UGH today is not going well. I did swim at least, which is probably the only thing keeping me sane. But I'm frustrated b/c I have this back pain (SI joint injury) and I can't take NSAIDs (they eff with my new med). So I have to do PT and I just want the stupid pain to stop.


Also, the scale is being an @ss today. I did really well yesterday and it's up 2 lbs today for no freaking reason. Grrrrrrrr.



PREGNANT due 3/2. Weight loss is definitely not a focus right now.
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9/16/16 10:18 A

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Hi! Sorry I missed starting the thread this morning. I am slacking in my leader duties!!!

My daughter is sick and my husband had to go to his once a week job outside the house, so I had to stay with her a little while and get her settled. There is a virus called Coxsackie going around the school and it hit the athletes hard. In fact it seems all but three of the football players are sick and so the football game tonight is postponed. So, she's home resting. It's not too serious for most people so it shouldn't be a big deal. It's flu like symptoms for a few days and sometimes blisters and a rash. Yuck.

I went back to dance class last night!! It was so much fun and a great way to get back into exercise after my own sickness the past two weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone!! I'll try to come back and catch up at lunch!!

- Heather -

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9/16/16 10:13 A

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Amanda - It looks like you now have a buddy on the Swimmer's Mile Program!

Go Gill!

We've also started a Christmas open challenge. The idea is to set any goal to reach by Christmas, which can be weight loss, body fat, weight lifting - you name it and we'll help you track it every day, once a week, once a month. It's very open.

After work today I head down to work on the rental house. I did my yoga this morning, but not my walk because I came into work early so I could leave early and get down to Santa Maria. It's all good though because when I get down there we're going to get in a number of hours of tiling tonight and that is really good work out. They are 18" Travertine tiles so they weigh a ton! We're going to work fast and hard this weekend to try to get the whole living room and dining room done so that we have somewhere to put all of the Ikea boxes (our new kitchen) when they come next week. Wish me luck...or fast tiling haha.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with intentions of arriving safely in a pretty well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming ... WOW! What a ride!”
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9/16/16 8:51 A

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I hope you felt more energetic after your swim? I'm going over to Swimmers Mile Program to read your posts - I'm following that too (still right at Day 1!)


Time Zone GMT (London) - yes, I'm hours ahead of most of you! Cornwall, UK

"...regardless of the short-term outcome, the very fact of your continuing to struggle is proof of your victory as a human being." Daisaku Ikeda

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9/16/16 8:15 A

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Hi all!

This has been a long week. I'm glad to have made it to Friday!! There's still plenty on my to-do list, but I plan to swim this morning while my little guy is in day school. I have been journalling my progress on the "Swimmers Mile Program" topic.

Wednesday was long and frustrating; I spent most of the day with my MIL at medical offices. Blech. Since I left the house early to swim and my hubby took care of day school drop-off with our son, AND I had to find a friend to pick him up for me so I could remain with MIL, I didn't even SEE my little one until after 5pm! Thursday was busy too; I'm feeling tired.

Today I should also get my car back from the repair shop. Yay! I am 6 ft tall, and I have been using a rental car for a whole week. The Toyota corolla I have been driving feels so small! I look forward to getting back in my tall-girl Kia Sorento, with its new A/C compressor. $$$$.

Hope you all are able to meet a goal - or a few! - and have a fabulous Friday.


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