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9/12/16 10:04 P

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Hi folks :)

I went back and caught up - you all have been busy and I see some new names!

Kourtney, I'm sorry your boss leaving, losing a good boss sucks! I hope her replacement a good fit.

I've been emotionally low lately, trying to boost myself up focusing on the self care (yay I showered today heh) and took a nice trip to the ren fair yesterday in spite of my grumpy self. It helped a lot, a nice mental reset to be alone at a fun place and just be for a day. Of course I also know it's largely hormonal and those convenient little pills will move me on to the next emotional side effect with the weekly dosage change anyway. Meh

I needed bowl ahead of time for league this week so I got some actual cardio level activity tonight. Later this week I'm attending a class/seminar/panel thing titled 'no more starving artists'. It's sponsored by the state's center for business growth and aimed at providing some business guidance to artists. I'm hoping for good things from that, certainly sounds exciting to me

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9/12/16 6:26 P

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Excellent in both cases, Carol, thanks for asking. I may have sabotaged one of my oldest friends on Sat though. I was picking up flowers for the Missus on Sunday and bought some for Bob and Helens' 40th anniversary. She was bowled over, apparently Bob has never as in never brought her flowers. Wow, really? Then again, he built her a stunning patio among re-habbing some local houses for rental in their retirement. With 25 years at Grumman Northrup as an engineering leader and 30 years to retire a Major in the NYS National Guard his pensions should secure that.That patio? Unbelieveable with firepits, water accents (that frogs have moved into already) with mixed stone media in defined places, I have a hard time sweeping out the walkway clear after mowing. Helen, deal with it. Last night was back to our favorite seafood place. The restaurant was an outgrowth of their wholesale business off their own boats. Can you say fresh, Kids? I knew you could.

Rodney Dangerfield had a great line in his live show... "Sometimes you get up in the morning and there's a little voice deep down inside that says "uhhhhh, you'll be drinking early today". Sorry for your loss. Have they named a replacement? Someone you know and have a working relationship with? hope so. You're doing well with the personal side - keep it up! If the new one is a bunner, take it out on them in exercise, it worked wonders for me before.

Not up early tomorrow but out of the house early tomorrow (5:30 to deliver the DD to the 50 miles away) train station to catch her ride back to NY with transfer to Phillly. I think I mentioned the advantages of living in a small town a while back in reference to my rehab. Public transportation is not in that category.

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9/12/16 1:14 P

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My boss announced this morning that she's leaving the company. I. Am. Devastated. She is an awesome boss and I've loved working for her and learning from her. I'm pretty torn up, gonna start drinking at 4.


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9/12/16 12:54 P

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Good morning fishies!

Jon - So, how was the party!?

Laurie - That is exciting! I can't wait for you to have a new baby in your life (Maureen, are you lurking? ... ) they are fun to have. I think using that as a tool to get you our and going is a great thing!

Kourtney - Yay that you are getting into the groove and calories and work outs! Keep it up! It's nice that you could help grandma with the appetite.

Heather - Thanks for getting the new challenge started. I'm glad to hear that you are almost better. Those lingering viruses suck! I feel for you and the sick friend, even if it's a friend of a friend, 50% is scary.

Starting the new challenge now is perfect for me. I've gained weight with all the injuries and pain I've had and now I just need to figure it out. I had a lot of pain on vacation but did so much active stuff anyway. When we got to Vancouver is was clear and warm and my chronic pain went some of it was barometric pressure issues while up in Alaska. There's not a lot you can do with having broken many bones as a young teen and then getting old. I just have to learn to live with it.

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9/12/16 9:22 A

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Morning all,

This weekend we went to NJ to visit Mike's grandma. She has had cancer for ~9years and is finally losing the battle. She's been having some trouble with appetite but is feeling a bit better after our visit (likely b/c of the medicine we brought her). She's lost like 20 lbs and did NOT have 20 to lose so I'm hoping we can get some weight back on her.

I finally contact my doctor about my back. I think I aggravated an old SI Joint injury I got back in like 2011 and am hoping my doc can prescribe me the same med I took back then w/o having to come in. We shall see.

Despite sleeping poorly, I managed to make it to swimming this morning. I've been hitting 2200-2300m lately so a bit more than I was before and that's good to see.

Hoping to lose some freaking weight this week. My weight is a bit down but needs to be down more d@mn it. _sigh_



PREGNANT due 3/2. Weight loss is definitely not a focus right now.
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9/12/16 9:10 A

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Hi Laurie! How exciting!!! I can't wait to hear all about the grandbaby when the big day arrives!!!

I had thought about a challenge, then got sick and dropped the ball. I'll start something today and we can all get started on hitting a goal for Christmas!!

We had some very sad news yesterday. A boy who we know, not well, but some of our friends are very close to him, has been diagnosed with cancer. It's pretty badly advanced and he has about a 50/50 chance of survival. If you all would say a prayer, or a good thought, or something positive for Vinny I would really appreciate it. It's something that is just very difficult to think about.

On my health front, I'm nearly better, but the virus is still hanging in a bit with mostly fatigue. At least it didn't last for 5 weeks like it did for my hubby.

Have a FUN and ACTIVE day!!!

- Heather -

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9/12/16 8:57 A

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Hi all.... welcome to a new week.

I finally got back to the pool yesterday for the first time in at least 6 weeks. Ugh, I am out of shape! I'm sore today. I'm leaving to go see my NEW GRANDBABY! on 9/30, so I'm going to try to go as often as I can between now and then. My calendar is pretty empty right now, so I can't use "too busy" as an excuse. There's a pool close to where they live, but I don't know if I'll get there or not. It will depend on how much help they need and whether baby is fussy or not.

The baby could come anytime after the 16th. I'm so excited! They bought a house, so space is no longer a problem. Now I have to figure out how to take at least two vacations a year to go see her! I also finally downloaded Skype on my computer so we can see each other.

How's everyone doing? I see we have lots of new folks visiting... emoticon

Is someone posting something for the Christmas challenge? I can do it, but I'm not sure what everyone wants it to look like.

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