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8/7/14 7:43 P

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Hi gang!

So, open it up Heather. How do I toss something the rides' way? I'll add my two bits for the other later.

Hi Shirley! Toss a bone our way, how are you doing?

Oh, Carol, I just spent Monday and Tuesday nights up at 2 or earlier. I don't know why. Tuesday was OK, Wednesday was horrific with trying to keep my head up so ease back into it. I know you'll try and get everything done at once, don't.

30 minutes is 30 more than I got it, Margaret. I've been to Fort Ti a few times as a kid and a few tours of the State as an adult, it's gorgeous!

You're back is telling you to get back to work, Laurie (grin). Sorry, I hope a swim this evening is enough to loosen and stretch it.

Gorgeous day, low 80s, low humidity, not a cloud in the sky. So much for the weather report. Heather, I was one of those high-flyers, having helped take a start-up business to a growth by a factor of 25 over 14 years. We developed new products and the infrastructure to support it all. Militarily, we were Babes in the Woods when 9/11 hit and developed a worldwide presence for covert insertion and extraction products for Special Forces at home and Friendlies all over the world. The recession kicked all three of the legs from the triumvirate of Commercial, Government and Military sales out from underneath us. With a 75% loss of revenue I was one of the victims. I was out of work for 7 months, relying on an overflowing rolodex to grab some contract work all over the country. It was the first time since I was 9 years old I was out of work, it was devastating. I grabbed a job locally in my field when it showed up. The companies are complete opposites and I signed on at 40% of my previous salary. Know what? Best move for me ever. It took me two years to realize how damaged I was from the stress in so many areas, home and professionally, from previously. Two years to start to come back to a normal life. Would I do it again? Absolutely. My caveat is, I'm a bit older. Everything I have is paid for, the retirement fund is set, the kids are gone. I could take that kind of financial hit. Can you?

Edit: Sorry, I guess I didn't answer your primary question. When the subject of salary came up I just downplayed that, yes, I had made a lot more (and minimized I was out of steady work for 7 months) but I wanted to stay in the area and (importantly) had an Outlook Contacts that would be beneficial to their company. Never discount the power of networking. I feel that was what put me over the top, they needed me for that and I took no offense to it.

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8/7/14 2:13 P

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Hang in there, Heather, you'll get through it. Just read and commented on your blog.

This is what your other question reminds me of (and I've actually been thinking about this): Suppose I want to hire an assistant, someone with experience, but I really can't afford someone with a lot of experience. Then suppose someone applies who tells me they have the experience I'm looking for, and they are within my salary range. I guess the question that pops into my mind is "why?" So I'd interview them and ask that exact question, and then expect an honest answer. Of course, that doesn't answer your question about how you get the interview in the first place.... I'm interested in Carol's input also...

I've never visited Vermont either. But my daughter's BF is from there and they went to visit for 10 days in June. She took some gorgeous pictures! Plus the Ben and Jerry's factory is there, so of course, they had to visit. She said it was beautiful and she really enjoyed it there.

Carol, I hope you're over that illness too! I think it's interesting you managed to get past an infection without antibiotics. A lot of people take antibiotics for viruses, when they won't even do any good, and you're just the opposite :-) (Why am I not surprised? LOL)

Margaret, what kind of swimming are you doing? Sounds like you're pretty consistently getting in about a half hour a day, which is great!

I am still struggling with my upper back. I've been doing the stretching exercises, heat/cold, and taking ibuprofen. I'm trying to figure out patterns of when it hurts and when it doesn't. This morning I wanted to swim, but I didn't sleep well last night. My back did not hurt at all while I was still in bed, but as soon as I got up, the pain was awful. So I did not swim. But as soon as I got to work, it calmed down, and it really hasn't bothered me all day. So I may try to swim later this evening, a short one, if the pain doesn't come back. I'm still waiting for xray results, and then I'll probably go back to the doc if there's been no improvement.

This is so weird. I've never had this kind of injury before, and I really don't know what to do with it.

***** Laurie in Northeast Ohio *****

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8/7/14 1:44 P

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I have a question and maybe you guys can help. Carol certainly will have some feedback but I'm interested in whatever input you all may have.

I currently make a lot of money for the job that I have. Other comparable jobs in this area pay around 25% less than I make now. I honestly could take a pay cut if needed and I've been thinking that I don't necessarily want a more demanding job, that it might be time to ease back on some of my professional demands. How do I get that across to a potential employer? I came close in that last interview and I know it wasn't the only thing but I know the fact I made a lot more than their position paid made them think hard about me.

Any thoughts on how to diffuse this issue?

- Heather -

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8/7/14 10:46 A

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Hi ,
Just checking in for the day. Did 30 min of swim early this morning- still great!

Vermont sounds so nice- never been there but the pics always look enticing.

Hope everyone is feeling well or better at least today.


�To have courage for whatever comes in life - everything lies in that.�-- St. Teresa of Avila

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8/7/14 10:27 A

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LOL! I just fixed the date!!!

- Heather -

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8/7/14 9:17 A

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Heather - Have fun in Vermont! I've never been and I'd really love to see it! It makes sense that the food drive is tough to collect money on since you aren't local. Even for me, working in the next town over, when we do "stuff the bus" for school supplies, I do it where we live not work.

Oh, and if you come back to read this later today, can you change the date to August? Haha

Hi Shriley!

I'm hopefully at the end of this stupid illness. Last night I woke up at one a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I have tons of work and expect to be in pretty bad shape by the end of the day. I will likely have to work most of the weekend to make up for my slowness, but it will feel good if I can get caught up.

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8/7/14 8:23 A

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Have fun at the bike ride!

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8/7/14 8:10 A

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Good Morning!! Wow, this week has just been crazy busy. Sorry I've been missing!!

We are busy with our horse show and work is full of pressure. So much to get done! And now I have to go away this weekend because of my husband's fund raising bike ride, for which we have raised only $20. Ugh. It's hard to raise money to feed hungry people in Vermont when you only know a few people who live in Vermont and they are all doing the same fundraiser as you are. Oh well, it's more like an entry fee for the ride!

Gotta get work done so I can travel tomorrow!

Have a FUN and ACTIVE day!!

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- Heather -

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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

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