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12/7/13 7:37 P

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I know I'm delayed in answering this, hopefully things worked out ok.
For my insurance to approve the surgery I was not allowed to show a gain at any point in the process. Even if I lost 5 pounds at one appt and the next appt I regained 1 pound...even though I'd still be down 4 from my start, showing a gain at all would have them deny my surgery. Just something to keep in mind. I was super stressed at each appt scared to death for a gain!

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11/15/13 6:08 A

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Thanks everyone, I am feeling better about this. Will keep ya informed.

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11/13/13 9:58 A

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My doctor wanted me to lose 10 to 15 pounds in my six month's prior to surgery in an effort to prove I was motivated to lose. I managed to lose 17 pounds, but the closer I got to my actual surgery, the more I indulged in "last meals" and my weight loss stalled. I would just be mindful of what you are eating, and making sure you track everything that goes into your mouth. And if you have a "last meal" then make danged sure it's actually a "last meal" and not a whole last month of last meals like I did. :-)

I think you are fine. I'm sure your doctor will continue with the surgery unless something comes back in your medical testing that says surgery is too risky. She's just concerned for you (and more than likely your insurance approvals).

And if you are really concerned about her still doing the surgery, the open your mouth and ask her. Remember, doctors work for us. We can't assume things - ask questions and be your own advocate.


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11/12/13 8:28 P

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mmmmmmmmmm. Thought doctors should be more sympathetic.

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11/12/13 3:52 P

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In the 6 month "pre-op" program I gained 20 pounds, which was my doctor's reason for recommending me for surgery to begin with.

Sometimes you do everything right, and nothing happens or the opposite of what should happen happens. Don't let it discourage you! It is most likely water weight.

The best thing you can do is follow a restricted calorie diet (1200-1500/day) and exercise.

Don't let it get you down and keep working hard! You can do it!

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11/12/13 3:08 P

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My doc is excellent I just upset her cause she believes in me. She gave me a stern talking to.I may or may not of deserved it. As for support group, I go once a month. I am finishing up my six month pre surgery hoops and am hoping to get to consult with surgeon in January. I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks

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11/12/13 2:47 P

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Hmmmmmm. 'Livid' dr sends up all kinds of red flags for me. emoticon

Especially when this dr. KNOWS this is a problem area and that's WHY you are seeking their help. DUH!!!!! Slap upside the head for your doctor!!!!

If possible, get a new dr!

In any case, I suggest you get yourself to some kind of support group ASAP (what resources does your dr's office have/recommend? Ask the receptionist.). As you know SP is EXCELLENT support. I also recommend Overeaters Anonymous (OA) and in a pinch, AA. Online and in-person meetings, read their websites, chat rooms, literature, etc.

Support is support. Surround yourself with loving, positive people. You DESERVE it!!!

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11/12/13 2:32 P

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I'm not sure of the entire situation but I have very marginal weight gain from time to time and I really don't worry about it. My Psychiatrist with the Weight Clinic I go to says that a few pounds once in a while is ok and could be anything from muscle building to water retention. It's going to happen. You just can't let it get to you, If you let it get the better of you, you might as well say all is lost, I don't know about anyone else, but I personally believe that NOTHING IS LOST!


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11/12/13 2:20 P

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Went to doc yesterday to get lab slips for blood work, chest xray, endoscopy. I gained 4 lbs since I last saw here and she was livid. She got so angry with me because I haven't been trying to lose some weight before surgery. My husband was there too and he agrees with Doc. I want to show her I am truly wanting surgery but now I'm afraid she might not refer me. Ugh!!! can I cry now?

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