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5/25/10 2:02 P

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Today, I did both BLC for Wii and My Fitness Coach. I ended up with a 2 hour full circuit workout and feel great.

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5/24/10 2:27 P

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I was glad I had the balance board this weekend. My DGD's were spending the day with me Saturday and wanted to play Walk It Out. The younger one had no pockets and the nunchuck holster was too big for her leg and too small for her waist. She played WIO using the balance board and the older one used the nunchuck holster. That way they could play multi-player and the little one wasn't left out.

BTW, they were just thrilled to brag to me that they were able to get the rainbow on their first trip around the island. Nothing like a little "Neener, neener, Grandma. We're better at this than you are." to make kids giggle.

I do consider the WiiFitPlus games a workout. Well, not ALL of them. Some of them are somewhat sedentary, but I don't include those in my program except as "cool down." Are they all intense, high aerobic exercise? No. But for me it doesn't have to be high-tilt all out to be worth my exercise time.

I don't think anybody has mentioned Gold's Gym Cardio Workout yet, either. That is one of my favorites. Fifteen minutes with that baby gets me going. Thirty minutes has me breathing hard and sweating like who'd'a thought it . If I go for 60 minutes or more, I have to take a break every 15 minutes or so to rehydrate and catch my breath. I find it great stress release, too. I can "virtually" punch people's lights out and some days that feels beyond wonderful.

I also like Just Dance - which does not require anything more than the controller and the nunchuck, which is nice because it is really fun with multiple players. (I like playing it with the DGD's.)

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5/24/10 11:50 A

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The Wii does not play dvds, but if you have a netflix membership, you can stream your queue onto it, which allows you to watch movies instantly from your Wii.
We have the balance board, but personally, I don't find the Wii Fit games to be much of a workout. I tend to only do it when i'm tired but feel like I should do something. I prefer EA Active and EA Active More Workouts. With More Workouts, I like to use the balance board for their step class, even though the its not required.
I also like Just Dance a lot for working out. It burns a lot of calories and it's great to squeeze in some workout time while i'm making dinner (dance to a song or two, check on dinner, dance to another song or two, check on things again...)

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5/23/10 11:27 P

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We waited a couple of months before we got the balance board and we're glad we bought it. My husband loves wii fit plus too and he used it regularly until the weather got nice. It will get used regularly again as soon as the weather gets hot.

For just a dvd, I like Leslie Sansone's walking dvds. I sometimes do that for variety or when my husband's watching sports on the big screen. For short workouts or warm ups, I use the free videos on SP.

Hope you enjoy your Wii! We love ours.

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5/22/10 10:50 P

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Aside from what has already been mentioned, I also like Dance Dance Revolution 3 for Wii. It is a lot of fun.

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5/22/10 12:18 A

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don't get "Wii Fit", but do get "Wii Fit Plus" (not sure if there's still any of the first ones still out there, but the second game has all of the first one's stuff plus more). The only game that truly requires the board is Wii Fit/Plus, all others that are board compatible are optional. That might mean that there are some things you won't be able to do without the board or it might mean that the way it works is just a bit different.

I'd say get the board, because it's a lot of fun. Some people say that the board stuff isn't that much of a workout as compared to some games that just don't use it, but that's always debatable depending on what game you're using and your fitness level.

Something else to consider--most challenges on this team involve using Wii Fit and Wii Sports (the original one that comes with all Wii systems).

As for DVDs, NO the Wii doesn't play DVDs. It does play both Wii discs and Gamecube discs (the previous Nintendo console before Wii came out).

As for looks like you've already gotten a lot of ideas. DO make sure that if you get "Your Shape" that you get it on because it's less than $20 there where I know a lot of Wal-Mart stores still have it around $50-60.

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5/21/10 11:08 P

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I would definitely recommend the balance board- the games are fun and you get lots of exercise!

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5/21/10 10:55 P

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My favorite is Walk It Out, and you don't need the balance board for it. Super fun game and definitely makes ya sweat!

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5/21/10 10:54 P

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I like the balance board and the Wii Fit Plus. There is also The Biggest Loser, EA Sports Active and I just received Your Shape from a friend. I like them!!!!


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5/21/10 10:43 P

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I plan on getting the Wii in about 2 weeks. I wanted to know if the Balnace Board was a good idea or necessary? And also does the Wii play DVDs? Also what workout DVD would you reccomend?
Thank you all for the input


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