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2/20/13 10:53 P

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Betty thank you so much! emoticon I will be honest, it has been a learning process. I started teaching Sunday school this past September, then within a month and a half I became one of my mentally challenged students advocate. There are several other of my students who have become very found of me and I know God has a plan for this. All of my students are adult mentally challenged people. Let me put it this way, they call me a lot. I am happy that they have become a part of my life, but I have 8 students and half of them basically seem more like my kids than my students because we have become so close.

God is showing me the way and teaching how to help people and when to say no. I never had a problem saying no to people before, but what can I say, I feel I need to help my students. Some of them have barely anyone who loves them, or cares for them. How sad is that?

But there has always been an order in my life and God comes even before my husband, as rightfully so. Thank you for your reminder though. emoticon So many people have told me about not making the mistake of putting my family behind my ministry, I realized several months ago God was trying to plant that message firmly in my head.

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just a few 2 cents .. I did a lot of things .. not saying any are what you are doing .. that was about God but was not what he wanted me to do .. There is order and Balance .. First God .. second family .. 3rd what he tells us .. I can tell you many years I did so many Godly things that I let my Family down .. Just pray God will show you .. He will show you balance .. you are in my prayers love you sis Betty

The most important person in my Life is My Father God , Jesus is the second then the Holy Spirit ...I serve a Risen Savior Who loves me more than Life and loves you the same !

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2/20/13 11:05 A

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You're both right.So true! emoticon

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2/20/13 8:30 A

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Thanks, you posted your comment right after I wrote this. emoticon

2/20/13 8:24 A

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Those God love he puts trough trials teaches and loves So many want to get rid of hard trials Only want the easy life All things for God We at time need to be put trough the fire pruned and thought

I am not pussyfooting around. :)

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2/20/13 8:15 A

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Balancing God's Will On A Tight Rope

Since last September when I began to teach Sunday school I had been trying to fit God in the many other things that I did for Him. This all started as God had set me firmly grounded into being part of a ministry. As I worked through God the first month at times I felt confused, stressed, and unorganized. Though this past year God has brought beautiful people into my life, and set new challenges before me. He has brought me into a new level of discipleship through a ministry. Through my intimate relationship with God all I knew was that I had to keep Him first above all the other things that I already had in my life, as well as these other new great exciting things he had added. As I worked in this ministry I balanced abiding in God through reading the bible, meditating on verses, spending time in prayer and talking to God throughout the day. Doing such things was already placed in my lifestyle, but as I held ALL these other new things my arms became tired. However, I knew that God could & would within a period of time clear my mind so I was not confused, restore my peace, and I would become more organized again.

Godhas given me a tght rope to walk on with Him. As I walk on this tight rope He has become my invisible partner. All of the things I do for God are done in a completely different way now. His works though me as we talk together on our thin tight rope balancing the stress, confusion, and circumstances which fall into the ministry. As I walk next to God my peace is restored!

A person on a tight rope relies solely on their body to balance their weight so that they do not fall. On my tight rope Godís controls my body & His will becomes the rope. His will is worked through me as I abide in him & do the things He wants me to do through Him. If I walk too fast I will fall on my face. If I become too distracted or excited I will bounce right off the rope and miss part of the things God has planned for me to do for others. If I try to impress myself and others by doing fancy things while on this rope I will miss God's mark and become unable to see His beauty and His true messages will not be seen.

As you do things in your life they are always done the best way through God walking by our side holding your hand. At times you may feel that you are walking on a tight rope trying to do all kinds of things without dropping any of them, or falling off your rope. But remember, God is walking right beside you holding your hand. Always remember there is an invisible safety met between your feet on the tight rope & the ground. Between this safety net contains abiding in God- the bible, prayer, communicating with God, and staying within His will. If you fall through one of these cracks between the tight rope and the safety net God will pick you up so that you can walk in line with Him again.

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