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1/4/12 11:23 P

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Just wanted to add this, but my post was getting kinda long. In my original post which started this thread I typed that I was going to surprise my Dad and then at some point in the evening go to Dave & Busters. We never made it to Dave & Busters, but had more fun than any game could have provided there!

We stayed at my Dad's house that evening instead of going out again. I called my brother and told him that I was in town. He told me that he was actually on a first date with a woman he had met. My heart sunk thinking that I would not see him. I had seen him in July during a family gathering this past summer, but it would have been so nice to see him again. To my surprise he called me back a few minutes after we had hung up telling me that he would be over within the hour.

That night was full of fun and laughter talking about old times, present issues, and events yet to came. He brought his perhaps new girlfriend with him to my Dad's house. I was so happy that he cared enough to see me that he incorporated the evening at my Dad's house as part of their date.

I try to share my life with you guys so that you know me in a special way. Not just as your leader, your friend, but as a real person- in a special way. So this year I decided to share a little bit of my birthday with you.

Happy New Year everyone!

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1/4/12 5:26 P

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Thank you everyone for all of the goodies, and comments on this thread and on my Spark page. I am blessed by you all in so many ways, and my cup over flows in so many ways and for so many reasons!!!

Clair, you have been a member of this team for a long time. I always love seeing you here receiving comments on my page, emails, and on this team. I hope that your Father had a great day!

Thank you bobbie for the post you wrote here on this team re. my birthday. For all the , like (was it 10 ?) goodies you gave me. I thank PURPLELVR7, GRIFF2734, DGRAY1641,

Love to all of you! emoticon

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1/4/12 5:08 P

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Thank you for your comments. I really had a great time in Columbus. I got back Monday evening. I spent the afternoon into the evening with my Dad and it was very special. I love my family very much. God has blessed me with so much love that surrounds me with their thoughts, prayers, companionship, and care, all wrapped with their love! I want to share a few things that i will always remember. John and I left for Columbus Thursday, 4 days before my birthday. I had collected some of my birthday cards and took them with us along with the presents from John, my husband. On my birthday I opened all of the presents John gave me, and the cards which had been sent to me to my address, which I had brought with me to Columbus. I saved the card my Dad had sent me and brought it with me when I saw him on my birthday at his house. When I told him that I waited to open his card while I was with him he asked me if I wanted him to read the card to me. I said yes, that would be really special!

This is what was printed on the card:

Daughter on your birthday...I could tell you to stay true to yourself- but I know you listen to your heart...I could say you should make most of everyday, but you already live life with energy and compassion and an open mind. You know all about making moments count. I could encourage you to follow your dreams and reach for those sparkly stars. but you already are- and let me just say, I could remind you that I love you and I will, I love you. Because even if you already know it, that is one thing I can't say enough. Happy Birthday

Then he wrote:

It is a pleasure being your Dad. Hugs and kisses Dad

I thank God for my parents who beyond the hash words through the years, the punishments, the disappointments, and troubled years we experienced together, beyond a shadow of a doubt I ALWAYS knew and felt thier love. A deep love which goes beyond fancy and experisive gifts. A love which penetrate past unkind words. An ever lasting love which stays with you even beyond death. Both of my parents are still alive and I will treasure each conversation on the phone, each hug I receive upon saying good bye before getting into the car to go back home. I will treasure the good, and I will forgive the bad which sometimes we experience with all relationships. I will treasure my love for them.

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1/4/12 10:30 A

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I didn't see this until today. Happy Birthday! My father's birthday is New Year's Day, too! You're not 91, though!

I'm glad you had a great birthday. Thank you for the many blessings you have brought my way!


"Never, never, never give up." -Winston Churchill

Do it now!

A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don't change it, you'll never go anywhere.

"God is going to do things His way, or He'll do things His way! The question is how much time we want to waste kicking and screaming in between." - Beth Moore

I can't give up now!

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1/3/12 8:41 P

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Happy Birthday!

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1/3/12 7:41 P

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Happy Birthday Shelly!
What a great day to have your birthday. You will always know there is a celebration going
on somewhere!

Love you.

Washington State USA
Pacific Time Zone

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1/1/12 10:26 P

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Hope you had a great birthday!

I am currently down 35 pounds from my highest weight.
My goal this year is to lose 100 pounds. I know it can be done. Im counting on lots of prayer and help from my Spark friends!!

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1/1/12 1:40 P

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Happy birthday Shelly; God bless you!


...Listen diligently to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance. Is. 55:2 NKJ

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1/1/12 10:50 A

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR FRIEND!!!! emoticon emoticon

Jesus first

Jesus First

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1/1/12 10:39 A

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Hope you have a very Happy Birthday, and a great visit with your dad

I am Wife, Mother & Grandmother who loves serving the Lord

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1/1/12 9:21 A

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My husband and I have been in Columbus since this past Thursday. My husband took me here to celebrate my birthday and have a good time. I just wanted to get away for a little bit. We have been having such a good time here.

Today we are going to 94th Aero Squadron for brunch and I can't wait to eat. I am so hungry! emoticon (check it out) I am waiting for my husband to finish gating ready so I thought I would take a peak at the team and say hi. emoticon and do just a little bit of team work to update this page for you by adding some new things for you to read.

After brunch we are going to surprise my Dad with a visit. (He lives three hours from me. He only lives 1/2 an hour from Columbus. My Mom and Dad got divorced when I was in the 3rd grade. Although I always saw my dad a day or two after my birthday while I was growing up, I can't remember the last time I saw him on my birthday. So I know my Dad will be pleased. Later tonight we are going to Dave & Busters to have some more fun! (check it out)

I just wanted to share a little bit of my birthday with ya. Well, hope you guys have a great day today, and a wonderful New Year!

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