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I agree with about all you said 99and one half %.I am not a big fan of Joyce Meyers, but that's ok .I feel sometime when listening to her she wants your 1005%and if you dont agree in what she says, she gets a little up set. I dont know why i feel like this but i have since the first time i ever heard her. I know people like her and its ok. This is what makes the world go round. My self i love Beth Moore, and her teachings.
I agree about the TV. shows also I dont watch all the shows my husband watches, and he knows why. My son has a wooden plaque setting on his TV. and it says WOULD JESUS WATCH THIS ? A great reminder of what we watch. I'm like you garbage in garbage out. I believe that is why so many of our young people get hooked, there is not supervision sometimes and they just get use to watching garbage and dont think any thing about it after awhile.Please dont raze me on Joyce Meyers i know a lot of people love her, i just like her. emoticon emoticon

Im starting to take control of my life today. I will take care of me, love my self., be good to my self, I am strong, i can do this.

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7/19/10 10:12 P

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I love reading other people's comments as much as I enjoy sharing. Thanks for adding to this thread! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/19/10 2:43 P

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Allowing the Lord to change us, shape us, mold us, transform us, conform us is what it's all about. Thank you, Shelly!!


There is nothing we can do to make God love us more; there is nothing we can do to make God love us less. -- Philip Yancey

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7/19/10 12:36 P

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HEY! Thanks for sharing lunch hr is just about up, but wanted to share some gratitude for this post. YES, this happens to us also. Have been thinking lately about the number thing(phone number)just imagining what HIS phone number would be maybe that's silly also the things I've been thinking about, God knows the number of hairs on my head, the number of all my day everything in me inside and out. HE's planned it all, every single second....even the thoughts I had while thinking about this were just like WOW! HE probably knew I was thinking WOW at that very moment. Working on daily surrender......THNKS again for sharing...
THANK YOU GOD for this team....GOD bless all of them!

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts."
Isaiah 55:8-9

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Does God Got Your Number? Don't Hang up on Him

Have you ever been talking on the telephone and you are trying to listen to the person on the other end, but you can't help but listen to the stranger's voice cutting into your line of communication? Somehow, for some reason this person's voice has become more clear than the person you are tying to hear and talk to.


Now, just the opposite happens when God is trying to talk to US. We are going about our day, lets say we are having a conversation with someone. We are talking to a co worker. We are telling them about a relative and we are saying the worst things about this person that we love. God whispers in our ear...." You shouldn't say that".....yet we chose to ignore Him & keep on talking. Later that day we are in the break room grabbing a snack at the vending machine. That cute co worker catches our eye. Before we know it we are flirting with them. The conversation takes on a sexual tone. Before you realize it a casual touch there, a lingering glance there. God shouts," You are offending me." And we say to ourselves, hey, I may be married,but I NOT dead!


Maybe it is not someone you are talking about. Maybe you are not married, and if you are you don't even flirt with anyone. However, there is sin in each one of our lives. It might be your lies, it could be your thoughts. Only you and God knows what they really are. The one person that can help you come clean more often than not is being put on hold, and or being ignored.

People think God doesn't talk to them. Is that really true or have they kept themselves so busy God can't get through? When is the last time you tried to hear from God? When is the last time you even tried to listen? If you thought he had a million dollar lottery ticket do you think you would try to reach Him, just once? Come on now, lets get real...You would be speed dialing Him none stop!


He is the butterfly you saw that came close to you but did not fly away. He is the stranger that gave you a smile when you were about to cry. The person that stopped their car just before you hit them. He was talking through your friend that you kept telling was wrong. His words were within the song which made you cry. The sunset which gave you peace, the laughter within a young child, a hug from the dear friend, God is all of these things in every way in every day. Whoever said or gave us the idea that God talks to us in just one way is and was completely wrong. I know the truth and I am sharing it with you today. God talks to us any way He thinks we will listen to Him. If you think I am wrong that is ok, but the simple truth is, if God didn't do this He would never be heard by anyone.


For at least a year God has been telling me something. I have been saying," Ya, God I know. I'll get it it later...much later in fact."

The subject movies, the action- chose them wisely. About a year ago I told my husband that I felt that at some point I was not going to be able to keep watching the same movies with him. As it is there are some that I just won't watch. They are just too violent. He knows this and when we are at the movie theatre watching the previews before the movie we paid to see comes on, he has whispered in my ear," I know, you won't watch this one with me."

So, I know I watch crap. My husband knows soon less crap will be shared between us. I know it needs to start happening more often. God's got my number, we have had the conversation.... I have put Him on hold 'cause I have chosen something more exciting....I want to be entertained! I have chosen my husband over God. If I keep choosing him over God, will God ask me why when I die? You better believe HE WILL!!! Well, when that day comes I will just explain to God that it's really important to be with my husband. God treasures closeness between a man and a wife doesn't He? I mean, doesn't He think that kind of stuff is important, you know, spending time with each other?

That day WILL come for each of us. Don't try to fool God. Don't even think you can. Come judgement day God will know what is in our heart before we even feel it. He will ask us why we choose whoever, whatever, over Him and those things will be called idols. Remember, all those words in the bible about idols? They were statues back then, but they are anything that is more important to us then God in this modern day life of ours. What is more important to you than God? Don't lie to yourself.


Last night was my wake up call. I was at the movie theatre with my husband. The movie we saw was not really violent. The movie we went to see was about dreams. It was called Inception. However, that night I told my husband God wanted me to stop watching certain movies and he knew what I meant because we have had this conversation before. He knows God is more important to me than he is, and he is ok with that. My husband is ok this that because he knows that if God was not more important to me there would be something wrong with me. He knows that God has to be more important than anything or anybody. He believes God has to be number one. My husband knows I will do anything God tells me to do whether I like it or not....Sometimes it takes me a little bit of time to respond.


HD (high definition) TV displays the image on your TV as a 3D image which is crystal clear. The Holy Spirit, God's word spoken to us. It can be heard in our hearts, within us. Sometimes it may sound like you are talking to yourself, but it IS the Holy spirit instead. Sin, noise, bondage, lack of obedience, disinterest, all sorts of things can cause us to not hear from God.

Some people may have been reading the things I have written and think I am crazy, yet many of you understand me and know I am the reaL deal. I don't expect everyone to belieVe me, or all of you to understand me. Really, I could care less if people think I am full of it, or chose not to believe me. all I care about is obeying God. He told me to get up and write all this stuff. Then God told me, I am being ignored by my chIldren. You listen to me and obey, yet you yourself have spent time dragging your feet. Write about your actions.
Share with your team how long it has taken you and why you finally decided obey me.


I know that if I keep watching crap I will still go to heaven. If I died while I was writing this I would be covered. If I wrote this and watched a violent movie tonight and died in my sleep God would be disappointed, but I know I would still make it in.

So, why is it so important that I listen to God and change my ways? God wants to live in a cleaner place within me. My thougts, my words, my actions,- those are the things that maintains soul. My soul is maintained by these things and can be chamged by these same things. All the crap I watch from time to time pollutes my soul. It has taken me awhile to get here, but that is why it is called a walk. Trust me, I would not have written something like this ten or fifteen years ago. I would have been like, watching violence doesn't effect me and God, WHAT are you talking about? It is JUST a movie! But is it? Garbage in garbage out. We see it. We think it. We say it. It ALL started with our EYES. Ok, we see crap, we think crap, we say crap. What does it have to do with anything? How does it effect us....really. I tell you the truth when I say it effects the way we hear from God. Why do you think so many don't hear from Him? It has nothing to do with their hearing, it has EVERYTHING to do with what they have heard, seen, and have done. Now, I have probably have gotten myself into a bad area. I don't know how to explain all this, and I know this is getting really long. No, I am not saying only people who are saints hear from God, if so, I surly would not have ever heard him. Put simply, you need to want to hear from God to hear Him and you must listen and look. Hey, maybe I am completely wrong about this. But for me it is MY truth. It is what I HAVE LEARNED TO BE TRUE.

This amy have become boring to some of you, and that is ok. I just have to finish this thought for God then I can go back to bed or eat some breakfast. I just have to add, by watching better movies, (I don't watch Tv except stuff like HGTv, or myth busters, Joyce Meyer so movies is is what I am dealing with) I will become more sensitive to the Holy spirit. I will be in God's will and there will not be stuff in me that is not pleasing to God. I have run out of creative, interesting words, and I have faded. I don't know what else to say or how to say it.

All I know is that my husband and I will be spending less time watching the same things because God has not spoken the same words to him. He respects me, but he is not going to change the things he has been watching since he was young. As a result we will spend less time together, which makes me sad. However, our life is not centered around Tv and movies. It is centered around God, each other, and our family. God will help us and He will create new things we can do with each other. He will give us better movies to watch. This I know. I have been surrendering to God and I have given up watching the movies my husband loves to watch, and ones I have slowly started to hate. As a result God will show me a new way.

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