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1/23/10 4:15 A

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I loved this!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon


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1/22/10 11:14 P

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Definitely! And remember, God wants to spend more time with us!

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With God nothing is impossible.

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1/22/10 8:45 P

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This is such a wonderful lesson, Shelly. There is SO much truth in it. Thank you for sharing this. God surely inspired it. I love you, sister.



There is nothing we can do to make God love us more; there is nothing we can do to make God love us less. -- Philip Yancey

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1/20/10 10:18 P

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As we grow in the Lord, we should all be wanting to spend more time with God. It is like drinking the 8 glasses of water everyday. When some of us began trying to drink that much water we probably wanted to gag but now drinking that much water and then some is the norm.

We need to stay feeling like we cannot get enough because when we do, than we are stepping backwards and who really wants to do that?

Sorry if this is too preachy. It just goes with my territory.

Have a great week and keep wanting to spend more time with the Lord. He is our best friend in the whole world.

You get credit for what you finish, not what you start.

Proverbs 3: 5,6

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1/20/10 6:26 P

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Does anyone feel that they need to spend more time with God?

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1/20/10 6:41 A

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Ya, I take fish oil, and three flax seed oil almost everyday. Has more to do with my nationality. Just ssk any person who is black.-thsnks though.

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1/20/10 6:37 A

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On the dry skin....have you thought the problem has more to do with what you are doing on the INSIDE and not the outside??? Do you take Omega 3's?

MY NEW saying: (borrowed from Delila)

"If you want to do something, you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse."

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1/20/10 5:56 A

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Do you have dry skin? Are you over the age of forty? I have always had dry skin. After I turned 38-39 I noticed that it was harder to keep my skin from gating dry even though I was putting lotion on. I just turned 41 a few weeks ago. Man it is harder than EVER to keep my skin from looking ashy. Those of you who are black know all about what I am talking about. (I am black and german)

I have began to put bath oil in the tub when I take a bath, I use skin so soft oil spray from Avon after I dry my body off. Then I apply a thick coat of body lotion. I have to do this everyday now. If I miss a few days my skin develops a light white dry look to it.

After I apply lotion to my body for a few days I can afford to miss a day or two of lathering up the oil, body lotion, and bath oil. My skin still looks good without it. But watch out if I go a whole week without those beauty elements. My skin gets so rough it could cut paper!

Have you ever noticed that if you don't stay in God's word you start to get "rough around the edges?" I am not talking about your skin! I am talking about your ability to control your anger, the peace you feel inside, the ability to be nice/nicer, than other times. Do People seem to get on your nerves more when you are not spending time with God?

I didn't notice a difference when I was only going to church. A few years ago I stepped up my walk with God. I started watching Joyce Meyer, read the bible every day, did things like that &other stuff. (I feel weird talking about what I do, I don't want anyone to think I am talking myself up- but I had to explain to make my point) It wasn't until I made God a bigger part of my life that I noticed if I slacked off, things did not feel the same. I didn't have that inner peace, I didn't have as much self control, as when I was devoting my time to God.

Now I was applying lotion to my body the other morning and I thought about how I need to keep my body lathered up in order to keep my skin feeling and looking good. Just as I need to apply lotion to my body, I need to apply the word of God to my life. We have to "ingest it". We have to "pour it over us". Only then will we begin to really feel it. When we feel it we live it, and when we live it we became more like God. I am going to say that again,when we feel it we live, and when we live it we become more like God.

Think about what you spend the most of your day doing. Now think about whatever that particular thing is. Are you good at it? Are you perfecting it? You see, the more time an athlete spends time practising their sport, the better performance their coach can expect from them. The more time you spend practicing am instrument, the better quality of music will come out of your instrument.

The more time you spend on reading your bible, praying,going to church, listening to a christian radio station, and studying the bible,(and other spiritual things) the more time you will be with God.

If you apply this to your life long enough your behavior will improve, you will learn how to do God's will, a peace will enter you, and your whole life will change for the better.

Don't misunderstand me though. I am not promising perfection. I am telling you that God will fill you with something wonderful, perhaps something you never experienced before. You will still have bad days; however, you will handle those bad days in a different way so you will feel an inner peace. You will still be tempted, but God's self control will take a hold of you and you will be at rest. I speak from experience. I didn't used to be a person who read the bible everyday. or did other stuff. When I devoted my time on a scheduled regular basis REAL CHANGE OCCURRED!!!

So my friends I am sharing this with you today because I want you to start to LIVE THE LIFE, and have victory over defeat. You don't have to go from one day to the next at the devil's mercy. You don't have to wake up each morning fearful, you don't have to live through life's circumstances and have doubt, misery, and shame. That is not what God died to give us. He died so that we MAY LIVE! Don't throw your gift away.

How much time and money do you think you spend chasing after happiness? How long do you go shopping looking for that special thing to put a smile on your face? Did you know that what God could and would give you has already been purchased....a little over 2,000 years ago on a wooden cross?

Start living, don't throw your present away. All God asks of you is your time...... So the next time you are searching for peace, love, self control, acceptance, compassion. Don't be looking for it in a bottle, a relationship, a new car, house, or ANYTHING look right in the book, and that book is the bible my friend.

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