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10/25/12 5:52 P

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Have you been doing alot of exercise that builds muscle? If so, remember that you could be converting your fat to muscle and that muscle weighs more than fat does.
I agree with the others about using the tracker and weighing/tracking everything.
I am very new to SparkPeople but one of the first things I learnt through tracking in the past was that foods I assumed were good for losing weight... were not... and that foods I thought were so very very bad... are some of the best things I can eat.
I think finding the right combination of foods is key. With the right combo you will not feel starving between meals, while still losing weight.
Another thing that I learnt from dieting in the past (losing weight is not an issue for me, its maintenance I struggle with) is that if you exercise too much you can put your body into what my doctor calls "starvation mode"... so your body will try to store as much as it can when it gets it, slowly releasing it during times of "starvation"... but not releasing enough for you to lose fat. (does that make sense... my doctor explained it better I think.
I think if you do moderate exercise and make sure you track, keeping within the calorie/fat/carb/protien boundaries... youll start to see improvement.
Good luck =D

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8/11/12 9:35 P

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Use the food tracker, weigh your food and track everything you eat.
Do that for a few weeks and you will see where you are overeating and what to cut down on.

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8/11/12 9:34 P

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Hi - first of all, how long have you been on this journey to a healthier lifestyle? This can make a difference, especially if exercise, particularly strength training, is new. The reason I say this is because often someone new to it will loose fat but gain muscle.

I suggest if you aren't already, then use the Nutrition Tracker and stay within your calorie range MOST of the time, and also ensure that your carbs/fats/protein intake pie chart resembles that of the suggested one. if you are consuming processed foods, try to reduce that and eat cleaner - i.e. fresh fruits/veges and good protein, and less bought foods.

Be guided more by how your clothes fit and less by the scales because the scales only tell a small part of the story. The condition of your hair/skin, your energy levels and sleep quality is another part of the story.

IF you still have problems trying to loose the weight, then ask your Dr for a referral to a Dietitian and take some printouts from your Nutrition Report so that she will easily be able to identify the problem and set you on the right road.

Let us know how you get on.


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8/11/12 8:53 P

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I must be eating the wrong things as I have gained weight in the last four weeks in a row. I hate when this happens! what can I do to get the scales going in the right direction, downwards emoticon

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