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7/6/14 2:03 A

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Thank's to all of you for the great ideas,they are appreciated greatly -We emoticon will be checking on some after this holiday weekend. I'm so happy to be part of this helpful team.I have tried making Kale chips once and then sautéed them -they were not quite right,lol still working on my taste and temp to cook with-determined to get them just right. Hope everyone had a safe weekend.The hubby has to have candy so has switched to sugar free,I'm happy he made the change.Take care everyone emoticon

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7/3/14 1:38 A

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drink the water (yes the lady mary is sorta back)
one thing i found that helps with the high blood sugars is to weigh and measure those ortions..the reality nutrition labels have made it easy to tell what portion sizes are and open up an entire world for diabetics but only if you apy attention..cut out fast food some find that impossible but i cut it out and lost over 200 pounds i rarely think about it any more except to just pass it arms are getting lonfger patting myself on my back these days
i have maintained my weight loss right here for over five years..if i can do it others can and have to tell the truth ..this is the place to do it
welcome to the team there are many diabetes cook books in the library and a magazine called cooking for may be able to see that iin the library magazine stacks also the library is full of books on diabetes and an excellent magazine to read for updates is diabetes self management really readable for everyone
welcome again to the team
the lady mary
oh and if you are not using insulin it's a lifesaver and can cut those blood sugars right down if you keep good track of your intake


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i can do that, but not on a tuesday
for that is my day of thrust in the opposite direction -
off the starboard bow
over the hurdles,
and down the shute.

last is just the slowest winner. c.hunter boyd

people often say that motivation doesn't last. well neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. zig ziglar

if i stitch fast enough do

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7/2/14 10:33 P

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I have just begun seriously trying to control my blood sugars -- again-- after being diagnosed with type II diabetes over 10 years ago. I am finding the Spark Diabetes meal plan easy to work with, and it is keeping my numbers under pretty good control. I love that you can trade out one complete meal suggestion for another. I can usually find something I can work with, something that I have on hand to eat and stay within the diet. Artificial sweeteners just seem to make me feel hungrier, so I avoid them except for an occasional sugar-free pudding or Jello. My husband is not diabetic, but he eats the same meals I do, for the most part, and likes them. One thing I did was to create a separate SparkPeople account for my husband (He never goes on the internet!) and that way I can know how much food he needs, which of course is more than I do. Enough protein, lots of fiber-rich veggies and whole grains keep us full and satisfied. Anytime he has a carbohydrate, he should eat some protein also. If he likes crunchy foods, kale chips are yummy; a crisp apple with a mozzarella stick is salty, crunchy and sweet at the same time; fresh snow peas or baby carrots with lowfat ranch or Greek yogurt-lemon pepper dip. Whole grain crackers with hummus. Cinnamon is reported to help lower blood sugar, so I eat apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon. I also add cinnamon to my morning coffee. I hope you find some of these ideas helpful.

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Barb from Allendale

7/2/14 10:09 P

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If you have facebook there is a page called Low Carbing Among Friends that has some fantastic recipes ans several of the recipe authors also have blogs with a lot of good info. Good luck to you guys. You'll find we all recommend drinking a lot of water also.

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7/2/14 9:39 P

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Hi, Everyone I am looking for some help with meal plans for my hubby-his blood sugars are very high.I am getting some recipes from the diabetes recipes spark uses,anymore will be appreciated . Thank's, Theresa Have a Happy & safe 4th everyone. emoticon

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