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3/22/13 9:14 A

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Check out the blog about single serving desserts. It was so timely for this topic. Double the ingredients and you have a dessert for you and your sweetie. Baking full batches of anything has always been a problem....just can't have anything in the house and keep my self control. This article is just the answer!

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3/20/13 3:11 P

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Thank goodness this isn't an issue with me because I personally do not enjoy cooking or baking. Although I do like the end products a little too much. I am also one who would rather eat the cookie dough instead of the cookie.

My hardest problem is staying away from what others are baking. I love to have a little sample of this and then that. Having the tubs of cookies and only making a handful at a time is a great idea. This way they are not sitting around "begging" you to eat them.

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3/19/13 9:35 A

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I used to have similar issues when baking. Now I plan ahead so I don't sample so much. If I'm baking for an event, I figure out how many cookies I want to take to the event. I make that many, plus four. That way there is *only* enough for each member of my family to have 1 cookie. Then, as soon as they are cool enough I pack them up.

If I'm only baking for my family, I bake 8 cookies. Sounds impossible, but it's not. I use either the tubs of frozen cookie dough or recipes from my Small Batch Baking cookbook. Either way, I make just the number I want, which is usually enough for everyone to have two cookies.

If I make a cake or pie, something that begs to be eaten all at once but shouldn't be, I make sure I have someplace to take it afterward. If I make it for a birthday in the family, I take the leftovers to my Monday night Bible study. Or to work the next day.

I find that knowing where the sweets are going makes it easier for me to say no to extra sampling.


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3/18/13 2:58 P

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I quit doing a lot of baking when I had to give up wheat. I guess there are some good recipes out now, but I got out of the habit of baking. My husband will bake regular things and then freeze them so I'm not tempted to eat them.


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3/18/13 10:59 A

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I also have a problem with sampling while I bake. One thing I have done to curb that impulse is to only bake things that I don't like.

I love baking for other people, so I didn't want to stop altogether. But since I don't like dried fruit, I try to make sure to only bake things with dried fruit in it. Then, I still make something that others will enjoy, and I still get told how wonderful they are, but I'm not tempted to eat them at all.

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3/17/13 9:21 P

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I like to bake when I'm in the mood but I haven't lately. I want to try chocolate chip cookies with splenda and sugar free chocolate chips but I'm afraid I will eat too many. Maybe if I save a reasonable serving out and freeze the rest? emoticon

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3/17/13 7:30 A

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Maybe its just a matter of making more diet friendly recipes. Here's one from the 4 Ingredients Gluten Free & Lactose Free Cookbook, by Kim McCosker. It makes 20:

1 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 egg

Preheat over to 180C. Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. In a bowl, mix together all the ingredients. Using a tablespoon, roll into balls and put on baking tray... flatten with fork tines. Bake until a think crust forms on the cookies, 8-10 minutes. Let cool completely then store in airtight container.

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3/16/13 4:26 P

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I love to bake too, and it's very difficult to bake and then not sample it.

In the past, I've used this as a reason not to buy baked goods when I'm shopping. I'll tell myself, that if I want cookies I have to bake them myself. I'm not allowed to buy them. At least this way I know what I'm getting.

This at least gives me a chance to talk myself out of it once I'm home.

If I can't do that, then I attempt to pick recipes that (a) don't make a huge amount (b) freeze well and (c) don't use large amounts of butter or oil.

Plus, if I want the treat, I have to do cardio first.

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3/15/13 4:19 P

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So I am a stress baker by nature, my husband always laughs that he knows when something else is going on, because the house fills up with cookies and brownies. However, I like to bake. The other problem I have is the excuse that I don't want to waste food. If I bake a cake I feel like I need to eat it before it goes bad. But I think I have found a way around all this stuff, at least for me. I gave up refined sugar and white flour about two months ago - not just in baked goods, but in all food. The first week was a bummer, but I feel much better. So now I bake with alternatives - usually a combination of stevia, applesauce, dates, bananas. I also mix in pureed beets, carrots to add nutrition. When I bake a cake I frost it (with a frosting made of yogurt and stevia), cut it and freeze it. After a couple hours the frosting is hard and I can bag it in individual zip loc baggies. This gives me a healthy sweet option that I can have on a day when I am having a craving. I can plug the recipe into the calculator and I have a nice piece of cake for about 125 calories. I know this sounds like a lot, but once you get in a rhythm it goes smoothly. If you are interested in lower sugar recipes, I would recommend: which has a variety of low sugar options.

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3/15/13 3:53 P

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I don't bake a whole lot but for the time being, I am not going to do any. I could just imagine that my willpower would be gone!


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3/15/13 3:15 P

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I have a horrible time with that also, so very rarely bake anymore even though I love to bake much more than actually cook. I am in the process of reorganizing my house, so I just moved all my baking pans into the basement. I figure if they are out of sight, i will use them less.

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3/15/13 3:04 P

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emoticon M, Yes, I have same problem esp baking cookies! The smell of them baking and fresh out of oven always temps me. I started thinking I need to keep all bake goods that I can't handle away from my kitchen. Nice of you to bake them for your hubby to take to work!! Could you try having fruit of any kind instead of the cookies? I'm keeping my rice cakes with peanut butter close at hand for that crunch!!!

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3/15/13 2:46 P

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I'm a baker. Not by profession, but by hobby and when trying to ,one weight I hate it because I tend to sample A LOT. Like yesterday, I made two batches of cookies (Chocolate Walnut & Cranberry Oatmeal) for my husband to take to work and I think I ate like four of the oatmeal cookies and two of the chocolate ones, effectively killing my nutrition goals for the day. Urgh! I hated myself for doing it (afterwards of course) and actually wrote down my reasons to stop me from doing it again and magnetized them to the fridge, lol.

Anyone else have this problem when baking or cooking?


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