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7/16/18 9:10 P

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Thanks for posting your experiences with this for any one else who encounters it. This is the only time I've heard this topic come up. Makes sense. Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple (Paleo enthusiast) mentioned something similar in his experience. I saw him as one of the featured speakers at a recent Keto Summit. He apparently eats Keto for a month or two--every so often, so that he has fat adaptation. Then he eats what he wants (mostly Keto and Primal or Paleo) but returns to the strict Keto to keep in fat adaptation. Interesting POV. Seems similar perhaps to your experience?

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7/16/18 7:36 P

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My journey I did it and have now returned to Keto. Surgery on esophagus had to endure 3 weeks of clear liquid diet. Then 2 weeks of soft foods. Allot of carbs is how it worked for me as I did not find to many alternatives. Returned to Keto (first week was really a challenge) and going stronger than ever now.

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7/16/18 4:27 P

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I haven't experienced this, but discussing it with your doctor might be a good idea, and do some research.

Apparently you can ask for a plain saline IV instead of the glucose, and if they're telling you to drink apple juice, it's likely just because they want you on a liquid/low-residue diet before the actual surgery. They recommend apple juice because anyone who isn't in ketosis would not handle the required fasting very well, and they also don't want you to get dehydrated. Your doctor should be able to work with you to come up with an alternative plan that supports ketosis.

Otherwise, it's easy enough to just get back into ketosis after your surgery. You would actually heal faster/better.

Best wishes!

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7/16/18 2:48 P

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I need to have surgery in August (fat induced hernia re-opened). They want me to drink apple juice before the surgery and I'm sure that the IV will be full of glucose. Has anyone experienced this? Do I just do it and get back to Keto as quickly as possible?

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