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4/29/18 3:18 P

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I have so much weight to lose (70 more pounds) that I find it very useful to keep an eye on calories. I am actually more doing intermittent fasting, where my feeding window is once a day. But when I eat it needs to be keto, and I want it to be down in the 300-600 calorie range. Simply because I lose more weight per day / week that way and seeing the scales drop is good for my psyche.

However I am a family man so eating with the family is required. This weekend my son wanted steaks / onions / mushrooms. So we did. And I ate probably 12 ounces of the fattest steak I could find, a bunch of mushrooms in butter and a few onions in butter. That is a great low carb diet but way too much protein to truly be keto. However I have been doing this so long that getting back into ketosis is easy. So I don't sweat it too much.

Today I ate two hard boiled eggs and some peanut butter. I am right back in ketosis.

This whole "way of eating" has worked wonders for me. I am diabetic, and a keto diet coupled with Intermittent fasting has allowed me to drop 45 lbs in 5 months, and drive my insulin resistance down. My blood glucose is staying stubbornly high at 95-105 average (should be 20 points lower in deep ketosis) but that is amazingly low for me as a diabetic. Further, if / when I do consume any carbs, my bgl will spike but drop back again in a few hours. It used to take days to drop back down.

So yea, Keto eating plus IF (including long fasts of 36 hours to 10 days) is rebuilding my entire system and I couldn't be more thrilled!

BTW, if you are into fasting (and you "should be"), research something called a "Fasting Mimicking Diet". It is pretty much a keto meal on steroids, which allows the mind to eat but the body to not know it. Kinda. Moderation is the key there.

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4/23/18 8:21 P

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Thanks! That was helpful!

4/23/18 8:16 P

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There is a way on Spark that you can have it track net carbs as well. At the bottom of the nutrition page in the middle it says "edit nutrition goals." from there you can add or remove what to track, etc. In my opinion it is up to you if want to track calories. I do. I also have my goal as total carbs rather than net. I started with net but made the switch just a few weeks ago. Do what works for you.

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4/23/18 7:33 P

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I have been doing keto for a couple weeks now. I feel much better and my clothes are looser. I started with another system before I found SP. We counted NET carbs (carbs minus non-sol. Fiber). SP is not counting NET carbs so I am getting confused by my log. If I am doing keto, do I have to look at calories at all?

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