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10/4/17 11:49 P

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Butter. It's all about the butter for me. I am able to do veggies and still lose, but I stay under 20 net carbs. My veggies are usually salads for lunch and then a 1/2 cup serving at dinner.

Breakfast for me is 2 cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream (2tbsp per cup) and some lunch meat OR cheese as we are running to get kids to school and such. That keeps me full until lunch.

Lunch is usually a salad or leftovers. For my salad I keep my meat at 2 oz. and it's either romaine or dark leafy greens. I always top with high fat dressing: homemade ranch, homemade Caesar, homemade oil & lemon juice. If I do leftovers it is usually meat with Cajun mayo or ranch. Sometimes I'll have meat and melt butter on it.

I do make a few Keto recipes where cream and cream cheese and other high fat items are mixed into the casserole. Or I make a meat, this is where I usually get 3-4 oz of meat made in fat (butter or coconut oil). And either a green salad or low carb veggie like broccoli, cauliflower, or cabbage and always add butter, sometimes cheese if I have the protein left. I usually dip the meat in more fat.

I had to work to figure out lower protein. For me I found cheese and meat are usually either or, not usually both. Hope that helps.

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10/1/17 12:29 P

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do you drink coffee? I have a cup or two in the morning, I have a substantial dash of whipping cream in my coffee, I've weighed it and each cup has about 30 grams of whipping cream.

Three cups of coffee across the day an that is an extra:
Calories (340)
Carbs (2.5 grams)
Fat (35 grams)
Protein (2 grams)

Good advice from Holly, I can't add to it really. Just a thought on something simple to add to your diet to boost fat and calories.

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10/1/17 11:33 A

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according to all the new stuff you are FAR too low in calories. 2000 should be your goal. under 75 gm protein..the lower the better down to 50. and WAY more fat than you are having...more like 170 or 180 grams. and the 20 g carbs should be total not net..

so..heres what the coach told me. sub cream cheese or boursin cheese for the hard cheeses. this is most difficult for me as i dont much like the creamy i melt and mix them into things.
When you do eggs..think yolk not white. the whites are really high in protein and not much else..i do 2 full eggs and one yolk,. or one full one yolk. really gets the fat up and protein down.
Heavy whipping cream and butter are your friends. as are coconut oil and if you can stand it mct oil.

normal day for me:
shake in the morning: 2 whole eggs and one yolk, 2 ounces cream cheese, 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, some vanilla, either 1 tablespoon coconut oil or mct oil, 3 ice cubes and on days i cant stand not having a little sweet a teaspoon of swerve...most days i can do without it but some i just need that tiny taste. Whiz it in a magic bullet or blender. Its delicious.

lunch--2 hard boiled eggs warmed with 2 tablespoons butter

supper..4-5 oz pork belly, if that doesnt do it i add a small spinach salad. But veggies seem to make me i stay away as much as i can. that all totals around 50 gm protein, 10-14 total carbs, and 180 fat..and around 2k cals.

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10/1/17 11:11 A

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I used the macro calculator to determine what my total calories, fat, protein, and carb intake should be daily. I have a hard time getting enough fat without going over on the protein. My protein is supposed to be 64G and fat 112G with 20 G carb with 1341 max calories. I do cook bacon, eat avocados, and get most of my fat from dairy and meat. What do you do to get the fat ratio higher? I'm usually way under. I track everything I eat, and always use the recipe calculator. These are such great tools!

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