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Thank you for this. Such great reminders about how this works.

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I often fall back on the simple calorie math, that a pound of body fat holds 3500 calories, and you just have to eat less than you burn to loose weight.

While this is generally true, the body can do strange things to upset this simple idea. It can for example re-route blood flow to loose less body heat (calories), or make your movements slower, and more lethargic, to make movement more efficient and also burn fewer calories. So its not all cut an dried.... but I'll pretend it is for the rest of this post.

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Typically folks gain body fat over a long time, like years, then embark on a weight loss effort and want the weight gone in a few months. Indeed if you start Keto, in the first week or two you loose a few pounds, like 3 to 5, of water weight, plus a little body fat, and it looks like your rate is loosing 3 pounds a week, and you do the math. To loose 70 pounds that is going to take 35 weeks. A little long but you'll take it.

Then reality hits. After the first few weeks and a loss of 6 pounds, weight loss slows to 1.5 pounds a week, and now it is going to take about another 40 weeks after your first 2. Then it slows to 1 pound a week, an it is going to take a year to loose that 60 pounds. This is more than you bargained for.

A pound a week, why plenty of diets promise faster weight loss than that. But look at it this way, a pound of body fat holds 3500 calories. To loose a pound of body fat a week that is a calorie shortfall of 500 per day. So if you were eating 2200 a day, and gaining weight over time, then perhaps 2000 a day would have held you steady, and now 1500 a day has you loosing a pound a week. So a significant cut back from 2200 to 1500 a day results in "only" a loss of one pound of body fat a week. One pound a week is great!

Why is life like that? Because in nature your body fat is there to sustain you in times when food sources are poor, not just melt away. That is why you can't loose faster.


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