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8/23/17 8:53 A

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Hi Nola!! so glad your cancer is gone...and you found this wonderful healthy WOE!!!
and you sure done look 65!!!
Thank you for sharing..what an inspiration!! I had to chuckle when reading about your friend called his the "grand reopening" and had a huge party..hahahah. He hit cancer head on and decided to put some humor into it, which i think made all the difference for him.
Keep posting!!! You are an asset to the group!!

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8/23/17 12:54 A

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Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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8/23/17 12:41 A

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Glad you are finally in a healthy happy place.
Hopefully your health will continue to improve with the keto WOE.

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8/22/17 7:17 P

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Great testimonial - very inspiring and informative. I hope you continue to be well.

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8/22/17 6:54 P

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Hello everyone. This is going to be a long one. I have been on the Keto diet for a year as of last week. I follow the posts here whenever I'm notified of one, but I don't believe I have ever posted. I apologize for lurking so long. Long ago I did Atkins and have cut carbs on and off my whole life. I pretty much held my own until I quit smoking 28 years ago, and then all bets were off. I could not keep food out of my mouth. I became horribly addicted to bread, white rice and sugar and weighed, at my highest, about 130 pounds more than I should. A whole person!
I paid the price for not getting things under control when I was diagnosed six years ago with uterine cancer, a cancer directly attributed to obesity and the resulting high levels of estrogen in my body. You would think that would have been enough to get me to lose weight, but sadly, I was too addicted to get a handle on my eating even then. Then two years ago my uterine cancer recurred, this time in my colon. I lost a big section of my sigmoid colon and had to wear an ileostomy pouch for nine months while I went through chemo and healed up. All the time I wore the pouch I HAD to eat white rice, potatoes and bread in order to keep my "output" thick, so as not to overwork my kidneys. You would think I would have welcomed "having to", but by this time I had heard of the Keto diet for cancer and I realized the doctor-prescribed diet I was on was only FEEDING cancer, not helping me to heal.
When I had my "plumbing reconnected" last year I started Keto and have not looked back. I initially lost 20 pounds the first two months. I was happy about that, but my main reason for staying on Keto was to ward off another recurrence of cancer. I guess you could say I did Keto out of fear, and it did motivate me in the beginning. When my weight loss stalled after those two months, I didn't get discouraged because by then I was starting to feel amazing. For the next nine months I stayed at the same weight give or take a pound or two. I was under 25 grams of carbs every day, my Ketostix were pink, but my body was not about to let go of that fat no matter what. Still, it was fine with me because I felt great, had tons of energy, and cancer was not reappearing (to my oncologist's surprise.)
Then suddenly, a miracle. Several weeks ago I began to lose weight again. Part of that is probably because I'm eating a little less dark chocolate every day and being a little more active, but I also believe that my mitochondria and therefore my metabolism has finally healed. I've heard that the Keto diet can do that, and I seem to be the living proof. I can honestly say I haven't felt better since my thirties. (I'm 65) So now I am doing Keto out of love -- because I LOVE the way it makes me feel. On rare occasions like birthdays and Christmas I do splurge a little but the next day I am always eager to go back on Keto; I know I'm only five days away from feeling amazing again. This is a permanent way of eating -- no, way of LIVING -- for me.
Thanks for listening to my story. I promise to join in more often.

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