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9/8/15 12:46 A

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I work 3 shifts in a row. 7p to 7a

The night before my first shift I stay up as late as I can and then sleep until 530pm. Sometimes I fall asleep earlier because I might have been up at 0800 the day before so I'll end up sleeping like 15 hours or something. After work I try and be asleep by 10am and up again at 530. I am very possessive of my sleep. I don't answer phone or door unless someone is dying or the house is on fire!! And my son knows that if he wakes me up to expect my wrath. ;)

After my last shift for the week I will sometimes stay up a bit later, maybe until like 1pm or so and then sleep until about 7pm, get up for a few hours to spend time with the family and then go back to bed to switch back to a "day brain". I still tend to sleep in and stay up as late as possible to not deviate too far from my "night brain".

If I have plans or I'm camping or something than I have to truly switch to a "day brain" and get up in the morning and bed in the evening. If I do this I am typically dragging and dozing often.

After 10 years of nursing, 7 of them on night shift, my internal clock (circadian rhythm) has actually switched to night shift.

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11/22/13 12:42 P

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I work 12 hour nights and try to keep them together. I flip to night mode and stay that way through my work week. Then when my "week" is done I stay up the last day and go to bed early in the evening sleep all night and get up like a normal person the next day. It has taken me years to figure out what works for my body and how to balance life with the rest of the world whenI live a backward schedule. Fortunately my husband is very understanding when I fall asleep at an odd time or in the car when he's driving. It's not a lifestyle I can keep up forever but I have done it for 12 years so far!

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11/5/13 6:53 A

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I try to stay up after I get home from work until about 1 or 2 pm. I also do the gym right after work because it's just across the parking lot and I wouldn't do it if I had to drive there. Then, when I get up, I get ready for work & go--kinda like "normal people." My shifts are 8 hrs, not 12. I like to work a bunch in a row and then have several nights off in a row. That one on, one off stuff is just a tease and not really like having time off at all.

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10/31/13 9:28 P

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In B.C. era (before children, ha) I used to keep night owl hours even on my nights off. I lived in New Orleans and my boyfriend and I would go to the quarter to all night diners or the all nigh newspaper/magazine store in Metaire next to Morning Call (coffee shop.) I would also frequent 24 hour Walmart.

Now I am switching to being up during daylight hours on my off days. I work three in a row.

As to eating, on work days I usually eat at 4pm ,10pm and might have something at 7am on the way home. Off days, I eat normally.

I think working nights for the past 20 years has been detrimental to my health.

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10/31/13 2:55 A

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Unless I have a full week off from work, or am going somewhere (like vacation or the lake)... I pretty much stay in "night mode". On my nights off, I come home & sleep a little less than normal during the day, and then stay up til somewhere b/t 3 & 5am.

If I am gonna switch to "normalcy" (whatever that is), I must stay up after working. Then I can typically go to bed b/t 10-11p that evening.

As for how long I sleep... I can sleep for 6-8 hrs during the day and feel very rested. However, if I'm sleeping at night, I need at least 10 hrs+ to feel like I actually slept.

I don't have a set schedule for eating... I pretty much eat when I get hungry... which often times leads me to realizing that I haven't ate but maybe one meal at the end of a busy day!

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10/31/13 1:18 A

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Everyone has a different way of coping with working nights- How do you do it? When do you sleep and how much? Do you sleep more or less than when you are on a "normal" daytime schedule?

What about meals? Do you eat at regular times or just whenever you're hungry?

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