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6/24/12 1:42 P

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I found a terrific beef jerky I love, made with no sugars whatsoever. In fact it only has NM green or red chile, or plain. Some excellent salt... yes there are differences in the salt we eat, but I digress.

Simple protein works for me. Be it some cooked meat, such as whatever I have leftover from my lunches or dinners. Or one of my killer salads I try to keep on hand. Another thing that works for me is something to drink, preferably hot. Like a tea or somesuch. Much has been said about the benefits of coconut oil, some I know even put it in their coffee instead of cream.

Perhaps you can keep cut up, clean veggies in the fridge, ready to munch. And I also agree with the cheeses mentioned earlier by our founding mama. Though I have found I do better without the dairy, I know there are worse things out there. Progress, not perfection, hon...

...cheeses can be made into some killer crackers, just using cheese, too! Especially that King of Cheeses, Parmeasean Reggiano.

...the list goes on and on, only limited by what it is you enjoy. There are times I will eat a bit of smoked salmon with cream cheese rolled up. It is very dense and filling, and the fish fats are good for you, very satiating. My mother swears by pickled herring, anytime day or night and she also keeps fresh cucumbers in a a lovely sweet/sour brine and onions in her fridge at all times. The fresh refrigerator pickles are very satisfying and have that awesome crunch factor.

Though not paleo, I really do enjoy a hummus or tabouli, and instead of using a grain cracker or flat bread, I use cucumbers or celery to dip deliciousness... Has a lot of protein punch plus the fresh veggies make my heart sing :)

I will come back when more comes to mind. I hope we can all share our favourite midnight munchies here. I find inspiration from you all.

I like to think about what it is I really like, before this new chapter in my life began and try to adapt it to my new set of guidelines. Like if you have a serious sweet tooth, what healthier alternatives can satiate that sweet tooth? For me, I love salty and crispy. Finding potato chip alternatives has been rewarding for me. Finding out what my palette is really wanting and giving it to it, if that makes any sense... there is a lot of scientific evidence about the "Fat Tooth" as well as that "Sweet Tooth". It is genetically hardwired into our brains. It explains the draw of such things as ice cream and what not.

Thank you all for sharing here. I know I really do appreciate your experience, strength and hope. It helps me out immensely.

Thanks again.

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5/21/12 9:28 P

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The nasty little gremlin that causes sugar cravings and late night junk food hunting is a hormone produced in your belly fat called Ghrelin - there's a lot of information out on the web about it, but basically, the longer you go without eating, the hungrier it gets, and the more sugar/grains you eat, the hungrier it gets.

Preventatively - not eating sugar or grains or root veggies or high sugar fruits is the best way to beat those munchies where they start.

If you do have the Midnight Ghrelin Munchies, try a piece of cheese or some other protein/fat combo. Anything but sugar!!!!

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5/21/12 8:45 P

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Please someone tell me what I can do about midnight hunger attacks about 12 am or 3 am some nights? I know i dont suppose to eat sweets but when im hungry and want something quick i grab sweets like snack cakes. Please any advice or tips?

Whatever you do don't quit, cave in, or give up! Keep the faith!

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