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SimplyFilling is a plan that focuses on Whole Foods. You don't get daily points like you do on the SmartPoints plan, instead they want you to eat your dailies from the SimplyFilling list. Here's the list of foods that are free.
dynamic/GCMSImages/FillingFoodList_US.pdf You can eat these foods and not count them (like you do Fruits & Veggies on SmartPoints). Then you get so many weeklies (I get 35) to eat foods not on the list. I use these points for things like real cheese because I'm not a huge fan of fat free cheeses, or real sugar in my coffee. Others use their Weeklies for desserts.

I'm really enjoying the plan. In the beginning it's harder to find processed or restaurant foods that fit the list, but if you follow enough SimplyFilling members (just tap or click the hashtag #SimplyFilling here to find us!) you'll grow your knowledge of what foods are allowed. Just like anything, it's a learning curve, so give it time and forgive yourself for not being perfect. This journey is about Consistency, not perfection. And ask questions when you have them, we're here for you!

I do suggest, before starting, for you to PreTrack and grocery shop the first few days (I also suggest this if you're starting SmartPoints), as it will make it easier to have the foods on hand and not be surprised by certain foods not being on the list.

Below I'm going to start a list of products and hashtag it as #SimplyFillingFreeProducts and #SimplyFillingNewbie so that people can find this list easier. One thing I've noticed is the app doesn't always have the free dots for things that are free. For example, their free low fat corn tortillas has the same nutritional information as the Mission Extra Thin Corn Tortillas, yet Missions has a point value and the other doesn't. I chalk this up to an incorrect item on their app and use the nutritional information as my guide and count the Mission ones as Free. Same for Cream of Wheat original. On the app when it's hot it's free, but the scanned item is not. They have the same exact nutritional info, so I consider it free.

Here's a further list of free products that I will update as I find more items:

-Cream of Wheat Original
-Healthy Life High Fiber bread
-Healthy Life Light English Muffins
-Mission Extra Thin Corn Tortillas
-2 tsp of olive oil per day (must count anything over 2 tsp)
-Instant Polenta
-Ezekiel Golden Flax cereal

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3/26/17 9:53 A

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Figured it was a good time to repost this...

One of the things I found useful was preparing to start SimplyFilling. I pre tracked 3 days worth of meals and snacks, so I was prepared and could grocery shop before starting. I wanted to set myself up for success!

I know people are busy, and I had time to kill at the library, so I figured I'd put together a quick grocery list and very Simple Meal plan that could help someone during those first 3 days while they're learning the plan.

I purposefully made these items easy, fast, and simple. I think starting simple and then branching out once you have the basics is the easiest way to learn a new program. I hope someone finds this information useful!

SimpleFilling Starter Kit Grocery Shop
Light Wheat English Muffins
Canadian Bacon
Old Fashion Oats
Frozen Blueberries or Cherries
Chobani Non Fat Greek Yogurt (or any Fat Free Sugar Free yogurt)
94% Fat Free Popcorn
Healthy Life Wheat Bread
Low Sugar Preserves (or Sugar Free)
Kraft Skim Milk Cheese slices
Chicken canned in water
Kraft Low Fat Mayo
Dill Pickles
Low fat turkey lunch meat
Chicken Breast (thin)
Beef Sirloin
Pork Chops
Baby Carrots
Microwave peas
Brown or Wild Rice
Mandarin Oranges

Breakfast Meal ideas:
▪️Egg, Canadian Bacon, Kraft cheese on an English muffin and strawberries.
▪️Medium boiled eggs, toast with Low sugar preserves, and an apple.
▪️Oatmeal with blueberries or cherries.

Lunch Meal Ideas:
▪️Leftovers! (Cook once, eat twice!)
▪️Grilled cheese sandwiches with an apple and carrots.
▪️Chicken salad (chicken canned in water, low fat Mayo, pickles) scooped with sliced apple or on a sandwich. Served with cold veggies or fruit.
▪️Egg salad sandwich with a banana and orange.

Dinner Meal ideas:
▪️Steak, potatoes (baked or mashed), peas.
▪️Flash cooked thin chicken breast (griddle pan fried in olive oil spray with salt & pepper), wild rice, broccoli.
▪️Pan fried pork chops (salt and pepper, cooked in olive oil spray), roasted potatoes, and asparagus.

▪️Yogurt & blueberries or cherries
▪️Toast with preserves
▪️Turkey lunch meat & apple slices

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