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1/15/08 3:29 P

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Well, it doesn't seem to be related to menses, especially since mine are so irregular anyway (been worked up for that many times w/o any explanation). But I think cold weather is more the culprit. The pain generally starts about 30 min into a hike or power walk. I don't think it's ever happened on the ellipitcal or treadmill, so that's why I'm leaning towards a reaction towards cold weather. They say cotton kills ... but where to find those neat manmade fabrics in plus sizes?

It's quite literally just the nipples. Bizzare, huh? And I remember it happening when I was much, much thinner, too. So maybe I'm just strange Ha ha!

As far as bras, I can never find ones that I feel are supportive ENOUGH. I'm a 44D and for some reason the bra makers think big-breasted women don't need MORE support. PLEASE! I don't want them hanging to my knees when I'm 50! Sometimes I'm tempted to use ACE bandages to keep them from knocking my eyes out!

I will definitely try the remedies you suggested. It would be easy enough to compound Advil myself, but what base would be used?

Thanks very much for your advice & reply, I didn't even know what to call it. And yes, everything is OK physiologically (no lumps, bumps, etc. & clear mammo).

Maybe if I put those "Hot hands" warmers in my sports bra emoticon I wonder how many guys are reading this going "Whaaa???"

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1/13/08 6:03 P

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I am no physiology expert, but this may help. For the mastalgia, have you tracked the pain to see if is cyclic (around your period? ) If it isn't and it is just after exercise, then maybe these things will help. Make sure your sports bra is not TOO tight or snug. That will irritate and cut off circulation. I assume you have already done a self exam and there are no unusual lumps. Are you drinking a caffeinated beverage before you exercise? It has a chemical in it called methylxanthine which does cause swelling in the breasts and can add to the pain. HRT and birth control pills can worsen it too. Ok, for some remedies...these are all I could find. Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, the B vits, gentle massage, castor oil packs for 20 minutes are supposed to loosen up breast tissue, a quarter size drop of iodine every night for usually a month directly over the nipple...causes harmless discoloration but I have read it rebalances hormones.If you know a really good Pharmacist, they can take Advil and compound it to a cream to rub on and I have used this for patients so I know it works. Also, maybe some heated dry cotton cloths in the bra cup for comfort/circulation. Try more frequent/less lengthy eliptical sessions. will look into it and if I find anything solid I will reply back. Good Luck, You are doing GREAT! JoJo

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1/13/08 4:15 P

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Sounds like you are cutting off circulation to your feet by being on the elliptical for a long time. The nipples-I know! I found that I need a SNUG sports bra because my nipples were rubbing on my other bra and irritating them and it would last most of the day! Try another snugger bra.

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1/13/08 1:44 P

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OK, who can explain to me why my feet fall asleep when I'm on the elliptical for a long time? I try shifting my foot position, wiggling my toes, etc. But they still fall asleep & it gets so distracting!

Second, and this one's a bit embarrassing, I hope no one is offended by this question....

But why do my nipples ache so much when I'm out on a power walk? I thought OK, maybe it's just cause it's cold, but I was hot & sweaty & layered in a coolmax t-shirt, long-sleeve t, and a sweatshirt. And they aren't you know, poking out, but they hurt like HECK! A lot! And I can't seem to make them stop for sometimes more than an hour after I've gone inside and even showered! emoticon

Stay calm and carry on.
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