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2/16/11 9:44 A

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Hello and welcome aboard. I too come from a family who has had asthma that goes back generations and also have loved ones die from taking asthma meds to often too. I too have been in ER due to an asthma attack and the meds making the heart race to an extreme that they worry about damage to it but as for being scary it's not that bad for me because I learn to do what I have to do and manage it. My grandma was one to always have panic attacks when she would have one and end up in ER almost every winter but in taking care of her I learned how to control mine better. My older two children also have asthma as well and weight is a big factor in controling theirs. They each have a relief inhaler that they keep in their backpacks and use then when needed. The hardest time is usually during their PE at school but now mine attacks can come at anytime and I try to sit down and relax as much as possible. Yes their are triggers to some of my attacks like the smell of bleach or cleaning products that I learn to use in moderation and you will learn yours as well. As for weight loss when I have to take steroids for the breathing is does take it's toll on my weight loss. Right now I am dealing with stress eating due to problems with kids and taking steroids only makes that worse but if you take it slow you will be able to lose. I lost almost 60 pounds but have gained some back due to a pregnancy so I am back to starting once again myself. I wish you all the best and be sure to check in with your doctor if you are experiencing problems and see if you might need a maintenance inhaler that you take daily to help prevent and major attack from coming. Good luck.

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2/15/11 6:46 A

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Welcome to the Team ! I wasn't sure I had asthma. I just coughed alot and had bronchitis alot. This through most of my life. Until, finally a doctor sent me to a Pulmonary doctor to get tested. I've been going for 30 years and also found that I had Sleep Apnea.
I would advise you not to keep on going on without getting checked out. Trust me, you'll learn to live with Asthma. You'll learn your "Triiggers". However, it may take some time.
And, the best I can say is "I have NEVER been hospitalized for Asthma".
I wish you calmness and a good doctor report.

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2/14/11 11:01 P

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Hey! Welcome to the team.

First off, congratulations for speaking about your fears. These things can eat at you, the fear. Speaking about it helps.

The first thing you need to do is actually go to get that diagnosis. I wasn't diagnosed for years after my symptoms manifested. I thought I was a lazy weakling (I was a small child). I had a bunch of health problems that could have been prevented if my asthma had been diagnosed. It might be emotionally scary, but a diagnosis will make the logistics of living way easier!

As for your fear, you don't need to be afraid. If you haven't been in the hospital for being unable to breathe yet, your asthma is probably one of the less dangerous cases. You might be like me, and only have athlete's asthma or a mild case. Even if it's just developing, it'd still be early on in the disease, before the scarring gets weird. You're coming at it at a good time and should be able to prevent any trouble.

You might have to take regular inhalers. I personally rejected those due to a few problems. I will probably regret it later, but the message to take away from this is that you're in control of your own treatment. If you aren't comfortable with something you don't have to take it. You can get second opinions, too. Your doctors aren't going to take control of your life, you are.

Once we learned about my asthma, everything got easier. Exercise got easier because I learned what I could and couldn't do. I was able to reach out to other asthma sufferers (survivors?) like you did to get tips. Suddenly my inability to run any distance was a problem to solve rather than a point of shame.

Sure, I still get random coughing spells and days when I just can't get enough breath. Sure, sometimes I have bad asthma attacks and can't breathe. I've even gone to the hospital once or twice, though I was always home within a few hours. But mostly I lead the same life I lead before, even a little fitter. My asthma is part of why I didn't overdo it on day one of my spark diet, part of why I'm limiting myself to only going slow on the bike. The one day I did speed up, I hurt my legs. At least I didn't do that early on, when my legs were less conditioned. The injury would have been way worse.

I won't say my asthma's helped me, but it's just something I've lived with most of my life, and it's never been just endgame. It's been about 14 years since my diagnosis and my quality of life is a lot better since. Now, adjusting to a new asthma diagnosis as an adult is something I've never experienced... but don't be afraid. It's just a new, fairly small, obstacle. Your doctor can help you make it smaller.

Also, just to encourage you... I had a friend in college who ran cross country. His asthma was about five times worse than mine! He even had random attacks due to environmental triggers, something I typically don't get. This guy could run crazy mileage, was an athlete in like two different high school sports and one college one. He's an asthma success story. His secret? Taking his medication as prescribed and never giving up.

Also, if you're looking for inspiring athletes with asthma, look up Jackie-Joyner Kersee. She was one of my heroes as a kid, even before I was diagnosed.

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2/14/11 10:48 P

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first off, don't worry!
It's not as big of a deal as you think it is. It's not a debilitating disease (unless it's uncontrolled and there are ways of controlling it so you can live as if you dont have it.)
You can live a totally normal life. I have had asthma since i was 4 years old. I don't even remember not having it.
I danced for 15 years (i never did sports as i don't like them.)
I sing (in choirs and musicals.)
I even smoked for 4 years (stupid, i don't suggest it, but my point in telling you that is so you know there are ways to keep it so under control.)
and i have 2 cats!!!
There are meds.
I take Advair twice a day and i havent had an attack in 2 years (the last time i had an attack I didnt have insurance and didnt have the proper meds, but i drank some black coffee and the attack went away.)
and if i am wheezing (which is rare bc of the advair), i take a "rescue" inhaler called albuterol. It just opens up your lungs again so that you can breathe clearly. If i need it, it's usually bc i went from a warm house into cold outside air. I keep one in my car, one in my coat, one in my purse, and one in the diaper bag just in case. I get one each month and since i take the advair i have a tendency to not use them so i stock up. i've even had to throw out expired ones.
I think asthma is worse in children bc they dont know how to stay calm and regain control. I was in the ER a lot when i was little. i would go in, they would take my vitals and my O2 count, and put me in a room with a machine called a nebulizer. Its gives you the same puffer meds but in a more concentrated form. I'd breathe in the meds for a little while until i felt better and they would send me home.
I havent had to do that in over 18 years.
you will be fine.

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2/14/11 10:42 P

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edit: sorry duplicate post. read above.

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2/14/11 7:54 P

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Hey guys, I'm here because i may have asthma as my family has had a history of it...Also ive had a cough for about a month now which has not stopped even after a month of various anti-biotics, and it is caused by me breathing in. My mum had the same exact problem and later she was diagnosed with asthma, and now she owns two inhalers she has to take regurarly.
Im really scared to be honest with you. I'm scared because this may impact my future, my goal of loosing weight. People with asthma are so amazing for dealing with it. I dont know if asthma is as bad as i feel its going to be. I dont know to what extent it will impact my weightloss goals? Whats your experience of living with asthma? Im going to see my doctor for the 4th time this month, and im so scared he's going to say i have asthma, and i just feel so defeated, but by asking about peoples experiences with asthma, may help me prepare my self mentally. I'm not trying to exaggerate anything/be over dramatic, but i just dont know how lifes going to be if i am diagnosed with asthma.

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