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11/22/08 2:05 A

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I just want to thank all of you for your input. I learned things from your posts and I feel inspired

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11/18/08 12:20 P

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I haven't done any distance running since Junior High. I also have exercise induced asthma, and know the more I work out the easier my asthma is. I've always want to get into running distances, and thought 5k would be fun. I have a cousin that had a baby earlier this year, and a 5k is just too short for her, so she's talked me and other family and friends into joining her for a half-marathon on Super Bowl Sunday.

I also have issues jogging outside in public. I fine in not crowded places, but the moment it's on a public street, I have issues. I can't zone out and just enjoy the run. I also don't have access to a treadmill, so I've just been doing cross training almost everyday for an hour. I know I'll struggle through this half-marathon, but I'm still excited to do it even if I walk most of it.

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11/18/08 9:29 A

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You can do it easily. I have exercise induced and allergic asthma and have been running for the past couple of years. 10k is by far and away my favourite distance but I'll run anything from 5k to a half marathon. I'd never do a full but that's because I don't like long distance running, give me short and fast any day.

The trick with running is to start SLOWLY. I started with the Couch to 5k program over at (
) and it is really, really good.

Start off on the TM if you're not confident about running on the road and keep it at a pace where you would be able to converse in short sentences. Even if you're running 0.1mph above walking pace that's fine, you're getting used to the running motion.

The only other thing you need is good shoes. This is totally non-negotiable, especially for a beginner. You'll need to visit a specialist running store for these (google is your friend) and get them to select a shoe which is right for your gait. DO NOT go to the big box stores, the sales people there are not specially trained to help runners. When you get to your speciality running store, they should watch you walk (and preferably run) in the store and pick out a selection of shoes for you to try. Follow their guidelines and get the ones that they suggest, not ones that look good or are cheapest.

In terms of asthma, I always carry my reliever (the blue one) inhaler with me. Always warm up slowly - I have a 10 minute warmup routine which never changes unless I'm out in the cold and then it gets 5 minutes longer. I'll have a puff generally after the warmup and be good to go.

So in summary - start slow, good shoes, and warm up well. Also pop along to the "Rookie Runners" SparkGroup if you have any questions about running!

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11/18/08 4:34 A

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I'd love to do a 5K, don't think I'm anything bigger than that material, lol.... over last summer I worked up to about 4K easy on a treadmill, but just couldn't get the confidence to go running on the street (y'know, kids point and laugh at runners, specially if you're a bit bigger, or finding it tough.....)

I've recently quit smoking though (1 week cig free!) so might find it easier to progress to running distance now. It's odd, I can dance or do aerobics for well over an hour easy, but running really is tough on me in a way those things are not. I also find it pretty repetitive, at least if I got the guts to do it outside I could choose to run somewhere pretty to make it less dull.....

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11/17/08 6:52 P

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I have run 4 marathons since being diagnosed with asthma. It takes longer to train for the higher mileage than if you don't have asthma, and you really have to run slowly, but it is doable. I talked to my Dr first, and he tweeked my meds of and on to see what worked best. The biggest plus now is that my asthma symptoms are far less severe. Partly because of the extra exercise, and partly because of being more diligent about watching my symptoms.

I have had an asthma attack during a race though. I make sure to always carry my inhaler, and fill out the medical information on the back of my bib. I also wear a medic alert tag just in case.

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11/17/08 6:46 P

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Call me crazy, but I am intrigued by the idea of running in a marathon. If I participate in one someday, I may have to settle for run/walk intervals to get through it. I was just wondering...has anyone ran a 5K? (Don't get me wrong, I know it would require a lot of training & I should also consult my doctor.) Ok, fellow asthmatics, what do you say?

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