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8/30/09 5:36 A

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As Carol said, time is a big factor in using breasts in the crock. I personally use them all the time, but I do use a programmable crockpot. In my older crocks, I did use to get dry breasts.....but I haven't had that problem with my "new" one.

One other thing.....and I don't know exactly "why" this is, but if I'm making stew or some such with cut up breasts, I have yet to have them be dry. I don't know if it's because they're suspended in liquid or if it's because they're farther above the heating element, or what. Just one of my observations.

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8/29/09 11:01 P

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I'm a follower of FlyLady, and FlyLady's sidekick is Leanne the Dinner Diva and has her own separate saving dinner website. She's nutritionist as well as super recipe/cooker/menu/crockpot/freezer meals person.

Leanne says she doesn't like doing chicken breasts in the crockpot, because they cook too fast and dry out. She only does thighs etc in crockpot.

So first of all, there is that.

Personally I DO do boneless chix in crockpot, but only on days when I just don't want to fool with cooking on stovetop or in oven. In other words, most days the whole reason, the whole purpose, of cooking in a crockpot is so that you can do something else all day long, or not even BE there all day long and come home 10 hours later, to dinner ready in the crockpot. However 8-10 hours for boneless chix is too long. 4-6 hours on low is going to be the max. Some recipes I know say different; I've had mixed results with that, so, I stick to my own 4-6 hours rule.

Choose dark meat on the bone (Leanne)
Choose to cook boneless breasts less time (4-6 hrs)
Choose to put them in the crockpot while frozen solid if you need to cook them longer (i.e. while at work)
Choose to get a lamp timer from Walmart, for delayed start in cooking, so you can cook them 4-6 hrs even tho you're not there for 10 hours (practice with timer before the day you use it)
Choose to get a programmable crockpot so you can do the same without using a timer

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8/29/09 5:31 P

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How long are you leaving them going for ? and are you browning them first ? if you are browning them first, then you may need to If you prick over the flesh with a fork before cooking, that may allow the cooking stock to get into the flesh and keep it moist.

When frying, we brown the meat first to seal it to keep the existing moisture inside, but you may need to reverse the process for the crockpot.

worth a try :)

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8/29/09 1:02 P

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We are a picky people, yes we are. We don't eat beef or pork. We eat birds plants & some seafood.
How do I keep skinless boneless chicken breasts from drying out in the crock pot? I love the idea of having dinner cooking w/ little supervision but I have major problems either finding recipes or getting it to stay moist. I never knew that you could have meat drowning in liquid and still dryer than the Sahara desert.

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