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4/1/12 8:30 P

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I am not a coach either. When you approach any of the challenges, keep in mind that they are not designed just for you. If you have restrictions (physical or dietary or???) you should feel ok with modifying it so you can do it. I am not saying to not do something just because you don't like it or it is hard, but there are legitimate reasons to alter it. I have joint issues and I simply am unable to do some types of movements. I know I have to come up with alternate movements to work the same muscle groups. I know you can be successful. As a diabetic, you should make a point of asking for help at your classes at the hospital. You may be surprised how knowledgeable they are and how much advice they can give you. emoticon

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4/1/12 4:46 P

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Good luck!

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4/1/12 3:00 P

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I am not a SP coach, but there are other people on this sight that have given me some good ideas and choices I would never have thought of. Keep up the good work and always keep your Dr. up to date. emoticon

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3/30/12 7:35 A

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I am not SP coach but i do know that you should take the challenges on this site at your own pace. if it takes you 2 or 3 weeks to complete week 1 then do that. They give you all the time you need to complete the challenge safely. Just stay on the week you need too until you complete the steps for that week. Once you complete all the weeks you will still get the trophy even if it takes you several months.
For the water I never drink cold water. I always drink it at room temperature or warmer. I also do several cups of tea per day but I use one tea bag several times and use non-caffeine tea.
For food I would suggest you talk to your nutritionist and see if she can recommend something for you to try. I have read that many people have good results with a Vegan food plan but I would clear this with a medical professional first.
Best wishes on your journey to better health emoticon

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3/29/12 8:23 P

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Sorry, that to bad u are having all this problems. Good luck.

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3/29/12 3:14 P

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I am not a SP coach either. What I have done with challenges is if I mess up, I just start where I feel is best for me to start. For example, if I was in a 4 week challenge and I missed some of the end of 2 and start of 3rd week, I would just go back and start over at 2. That is what works for me. So, jump in where you feel it works for you. I am pre diabetic. I am on meds and need to loose 50+ pounds. I am not doing very well, but I keep trying. I am doing better at exercising 3 times a week. I hope to do some everyday. My exercising, might be doing 3-4 strength training exercises. I do enjoy them. I have even signed up to get an e-mail a day about an exercise. Then I try to do that one and that encourages me to do a few more.
Hang in there. There is a a LOT of info and things to do here on SparkPeople. I do love the site and have learned a lot. Now, I am working on losing the weight. For me, it will be slow, since I refuse to use the word "diet". I like "healthy choices" much better. It is a frame of mind and that is what I am working on now.

Blessings are coming your way!!

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3/29/12 1:44 P

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Thanks for your reply Skirnir;
Well i have been drinking 10 to 11 glasses.. its not so hard for me as before i got on med for the diabetes i used to go often to gym and was used to drinking water..
But when my bladder started playing up i stopped drinking and my surgeon told me to drink more tea etc.. finally with th med i didn't need operation again.. and life was great could go anywhere again..hhaha...
But I've put on so much weight since i started on med for the diabetes and having to eat carbs for that does not help to lose the weight...
But yeah thanks for the advice... I think I'll just continue where i left off.. but they already sent me the life changing class.. what do i do with that???
because i was tracking constantly before this happening so i guess they thoiught i would finish it..... well anyway i have to go now have to be up real early to get to the hospital ontime..

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3/29/12 1:14 P

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I am not an SP Coach, but seems to me you should start wherever you feel best. Start at the week that feels right to you. No one is enforcing these programs/challenges, etc. Do start slow on the exercise though, and on the water. Also, know that you don't have to drink 8 glasses or whatever in a day, as you also get liquid in your food and other drinks. I can't seem to even drink 8 glasses of liquid in a day, ever. Not even when I do a 13 mile walk.

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3/29/12 1:07 P

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Hello SP Coach,
I started SP on the 3rd of februari and all went well for 1 whole month..
My scales didnot move much; as I'm a diabetic i didnot expect it to move much.. been trying the last 6 years..
After the month I started to understand the tracker & food advice an i started feeling great.. only i could hardly ever get the calories, fat & protein right.. the carbs were always ontrack...

Then I got into a rut with the water drinking... my bowls kept filling up and 1 day i was unable to get to a wc and something kindof exploded in me and the pain was unbearable..
The following day i got cramps so bad & severe they lasted nearly a week.. I could not walk upright and sitting or lying was so painfull...
I have been using med for my bowls this last year as they are nervous and my life was a better quality with this medication.. I was dubious to start drinking alot of water again.. but i so wanted to do tracking right...
I have been to my doc today he wants me go get my blood and urine checked first thing so I'm gonna do that..
I told him i was scared to drink water again, and had stopped except to take my medication...
He told me to still drink water but either warm or herbal tea's instead.. not cold !!!!!!...
Can i still track water like that??

I still want to stay on this diet as i have not felt as good in so many years...

Do I have to start over?? as i have not tracked now for 2 weeks nearly.. or done any fitness was unable with the cramps.. but I have done some heavy duty house arranging inbetween the cramps these last days trying to make room for my daughters stuf....
(or do I just move onto my Life change class)?...

I don't feel like I fully completed all my fitness or food tracking...etc.. I had 8 weeks for diabetic and have missed the last 2 and a half weeks...
Can you give me advice what to do...
All the other teams i'm on i haven't been able to do the challenges either....

The 1 team that is supporting me is 50 or more pounds to lose..'one pound at a time' but this team didnot give me challenges like the others....

After this weekend I will start tracking again.. and if i should start over again or do week 6,7 & 8 for the diabetics 8 week challenge over.. then I need to know this weekend please..
I'm up for it but I'm staying on one pound at a time as its such a supporting friendly team....
Hopefully i will hear soon from a SP Coach...

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