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6/29/12 7:50 P

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Whatever happens don't get discouraged. I was getting frustrated myself because I was seeing alot of ups and downs. I was encouraged not to weigh so often because so much of this is how you are feeling so I stopped weighing as often. Had to see the Dr today (feeling horrible for the past few days because of a kidney infection I did not know I had). Stepped on the scale at the dr office and came to find out that in the past few months that I've lost about 20 pounds.

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5/27/12 10:05 P

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Ditto. In one 24 hour period, my weight changed four times and there was a 5 lb difference. I was soooo very frustrated.

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5/24/12 9:57 A

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When I am at maintenance I gain and lose the same 3 pounds every month.
I have heard, but never tried that just before TOM (time of month) to increase your protein in take. this could be why Hawaii is having little to no PMS (which is so totally awesome BTW!)

I do weigh a few times a week but mostly use Wednesday as my main weigh in/record day. It is always as soon as I get up, completely naked and I suck in my stomach for good measure! emoticon as if that really helps!HA!

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5/22/12 6:06 P

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Heck, I am on the scale on a daily basis. I use it as part of my tracking to see when I am gettting my monthy visit (I have almost no PMS now that I have soymilk daily.)
I see fluctuations a lot of times when I have had some salty food the night before or if it is hot & humid. Both of those things cause me to retain fluid.

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5/22/12 11:34 A

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Its really important to wiegh in at the same time every day. I do it first thing in the morning so what I eat for breakfast doesnt effect it. Just before bed might work too. Through out a day you flucuate up to five pounds. Also what you wear can affect it by a couple pounds.

I don't know how often you wiegh yourself but I also have my husband hide the scale other wise I'm on it too much. This weigh I wiegh in once maybe twice a week.

Most of all don't be discouraged or a pound or two, as long as you feel healthy.

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5/22/12 11:14 A

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yeah I know what you mean. I'm having issues with my scale these days to. On friday it said I was at 247.5, while yesterday it said 244, and today it said 243. Somehow I doubt I dropped 4.5 pounds in four days. I guess it's possible, but it makes me question if I've been doing things wrong and if I need to worry about getting a new scale.
I had heard about how your weight will change alot and that is why people suggest only checking once a week so I tried it for a week, and entered it on SP to graph the results. It was interesting the way it would rise and fall from day to day. In fact at first I would check when I thought about it and the changes were even bigger. It took me a couple days to figure out I needed to check first thing in the morning before I ate or drank anything. Anyways, in the end I seemed to end up about where I was hoping to, or even a pound lighter. I found it interesting, but knowing me I could easily get caught up in it, so now I only record once a week. I do check almost everyday, but I always take it with a grain of salt and remind myself not to take it to heart no matter which way the scale moves, it's the friday weight that matters.
Remember there is alot that can affect the scale. Even a hard workout will change it since you've been sweating so much, not to mention what you've been eating and whatnot. I wouldn't even be surprised if the weather changes things alittle.

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5/22/12 9:43 A

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Ladies is it just me or do you have fluctuations on the scale throughout the month. I know it's normal to have water retention during AF and notice a gain due to water weight that goes away. However I will go up a pound an down a pound throughout the month. I haven't cheated, I track faithfully, I get my water in and I exercise. Is this normal? I'm trying not to let these little fluctuations get to me but it is very frustrating, especially when you know you have stayed focused and not strayed!!! Give me your thoughts!

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