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8/11/12 5:36 P

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Hey there!
As Kristen noted, I posted the results of my first full round of LiveFit from last spring in my blog. Here are the highlights:
Final Measurements(comparison):

Final Lifting stats:

Non-Scale Woohoos:

12 Week Progress pix:

I will be taking monthly progress pix while I repeat the program again (starting yesterday) and will again post my final results when I'm finished.

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8/7/12 12:53 P

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Hey there! Way to go for starting the LiveFit program!! I've been through the LiveFit program twice. I was religious with the workouts. I didn't miss a one. However, the eating plan and supplementation program was difficult for me. The large amounts of protein made me constipated (TMI, sorry) even though I was drinking tons of water. I was also feeling pretty bloated and sometime had bad reactions to the protein bars I made from Jamie's recipes. I stuck with it though to see if I'd get over the hurdle, but I was just feel too sick. So I stopped following the diet. That was my first go around with LiveFit. My second time through LiveFit I did not follow the diet and again was religious with the workouts. I saw an nice increase in strength and definition. I looked leaner, but I also gained 5 lbs! Muscle, I'm sure it's muscle!! I did take a lot of Jamie's advice regarding nutrition and tried to eat a cleaner diet overall. I decided again a 3rd go around of LiveFit for now. It's a big time commitment! Now I'm doing a different 12 week program also from This one is the Female Fitness Bible and it consists of a 4 day split (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) Wednesday is cardio only. They also recommend 30 to 40 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 days per week. HIIT is recommended. I do only one day of HIIT because I have a weak back. The other days I use the elliptical machine at level 12. The time committment on the Female Fitness Bible workout is more manageable for me.

8/4/12 7:28 A

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Hi-I'm one of the "not so much" ones-the main thing with this for me has been people who
are in a similar place in their heads-lifestyle-I don't want to be unfit anymore. I recently turned
58-I want to be strong! When I was in my 20's-30's at about 5'9'' & around 130-I was fit,active,
& looked pretty good. Life happens-I destroyed my knee & could no longer run ,roller blade,
or really do the more active type things I like-got really depressed & kind of gave up-not sure where things clicked for me again.My son & his wife have been an inspiration-they both made
fitness changes & look awesome! Got a big dog-needs his walks! Had opportunity to join a
gym.Basically,I'm wanting my life here's the thing-I'm not where I want to be-but,I'm
Not where I was! I have muscles. I AM stronger! I have RA,asthma,I've had a heart attack &
yet I am doing more and in better shape than a lot of people younger than me. I guarantee
that if you follow the program you will see results-if you are like me & even just use it
as a guideline-you will still see results!

"It's not the mountains ahead that wear you out-it's the grain
of sand in your shoe"-unknown

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8/3/12 1:53 P

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I will share a bit of my story from my first round of LiveFit. Also check out some of my blogs where I go more into it. Warning...I am not a huge blogger, but did hit on results for phase 2 and phase 3 final results. You may notice around here that I am a big NSV gal, those victories keep me going (did a blog on that alone).

I started LiveFit pretty much right after I started sparking and starting the journey to health. I had been pretty much sedentary before that and an unhealthy eater. Had knowledge of weights and clean eating, but either never stuck with it or let and old eating disorder take control. I am 44 (turning 45 in a couple weeks) and weighed about 175 (don't remember the exact, in my blog). Now I was a FAT 175. Prior to the 4-5 years gaining weight, I was pretty muscular and lean. Well, no more. I didn't really pay attention to BMI and %s because I know when I need to lose fat. LOL Total weight lost was about 21 pounds I think and about the same amount in inches. Went down about 2-3 sizes. The biggest loss was in my waist and bust/chest. Carrying too much in the trunk. Numbers are tough with this because there are times where you may not even lose an inch, but it looks way better (for me calves).

Phase wise I found that as the weeks went on each phase seemed to happen at just the right time. I lost inches and pounds throughout the entire challenge. Actually lost more in the beginning. Averaging about 2 pounds a week, which tapered off at the end. I know others lose more at the end, but not for me. Part of that was an old eating disorder started to resurface during phase 3 and I started to restrict. Not the program, some emotional stuff that was happening. Learned from the food and take the supplements.

I worked out at home. Modified to fit the equipment I have and added a few moves I love to do. Was pretty darn good. I have major allergies and had to eliminate some foods and cannot take the fish oil. Another tweak, I ate a healthy snack at night. My body feels better and I didn't really have cravings except around the TOM and if I wasn't getting in enough sodium. Because of eliminating the allergens i may have had more bloat loss. Hard to say. Other than an occasional cheat meal which was never really bad, I ate clean. LOVE how that makes me feel

I took BCAAs, L-glutamine/creatine powder and my protein shakes. I felt a difference between not taking them and taking them. Think it was at the end of phase 1 when I started though. I slacked in phase 3 with the restricting of cals and wasn't as strong. I started off in phase 3 doing carb cycling, which isn't really difficult, but stopped when I realized the bulimic mind was surfacing. It becomes an obsession for me.

Hope this helps some. Also check out co-leader, LOWFATFOODIE's blogs. She posted her progress as well.


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8/3/12 12:36 P

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I'm new to the group, Just started this week, and have been poking around the posts. I see that there are some that stick to the plan pretty well, and others that don't really follow it so much. Either way, I'm curious if you all are seeing results, and when you saw those resutls, for example, "Phase 1, lost xx inches/pounds/boday fat %, and followed the training/eating plan religiously but didn't supplement. Phase 2, added supplements and lost/gained xx inches/pounds/BF. Pase 3, completely fell off the wagon...."

I'm a metrics kida gal and would love to see if this program is actually working for you all! I hope that it works for me too.

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